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Department Safety Coordinator (DSC), Area Safety Coordinator (ASC), and Building Safety Contact (BSC) are roles assigned to various individuals to facilitate the flow of safety information and programs from EH&S and SIO Administration into the workplace. Below is a summary of the duties for each of these positions. (See Safety Coordinator Resources on Blink for additional info.)

Department Safety Coordinator (DSC)

Area Safety Coordinator (ASC) aka Lab Safety Contact

Assigned to labs and shops where work with hazardous material occurs.

  • Conduct lab safety orientations for new employees, volunteers, visitors.
  • Learn about ISEM and coordinate safety activities with DSCs.
  • Serve as contact person for safety audits conducted by EH&S.
  • Perform monthly inspections of fire extinguishers in labs.
  • Help ensure proper disposal of abandoned chemicals in labs.

Building Safety Contact (BSC)

Serve as a resource / liaison for building occupants, with a focus on emergency preparedness

  • Know building’s evacuation plan and ensure that posted evacuation maps and building occupant roster are accurate.
  • Serve as lead or assistant for building emergency preparedness activities and in actual emergency situations.
  • Initiate roll call of building occupants at the Designated Assembly Area, and provide information to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).