Scientific Diver Authorization

Diver holding a long, spear-like pole

Scripps/UC San Diego Scientific Diver Authorization

In order to engage in scientific diving activities under the auspices of Scripps/UC San Diego, the Scripps Diving Safety Officer, acting on the behalf of the Diving Control Board, must issue a Scripps Scientific Diving Authorization.  Scientific diving is not authorized until:

  • All aspects of scientific diver certification are current per standards outlined in the Scripps' Manual for Diving Safety; and
  • A Scripps Dive Plan has been reviewed and approved by the Scripps Diving Safety Officer.

For Scripps/UC San Diego Faculty, Staff, Students, and Volunteers, scientific diving authorization requires the following:

  • Submission of the Scripps Scientific Diver Application;
  • Scripps Diving Medical Clearance;
  • Completion of the Scripps 100-hour scientific diving course or equivalent (to be determined at the discretion of the DCB);
  • Current Diving First Aid (CPR w/AED, first aid, oxygen administration, field neurological examination) training;
  • Annual equipment inspection;
  • Written examination; and
  • $200 annual diver fee

The Scripps/UC San Diego Scientific Diving Program may, at its discretion, recognize previous diver training and/or scientific diving authorizations, and grant diving privileges to incoming or visiting researchers on a case by case basis..

Scripps Scientific Diving certification (30', 60', 100', 130', 150', +150') will specify the depth to which the holder is authorized to dive.  A diver is not to exceed his/her depth certification, unless accompanied by a diver certified to a greater depth, and only then the diver is not to exceed his/her depth limit by more than one step.

Maintaining Authorization

In order to maintain Scientific Diver Authorizations, divers must:

  • Log a minimum of 12 dives annually (at least one dive every 3 months, and at least one within the certified depth range to maintain depth certification);
  • Maintain Scripps Scientific Diving Medical Clearance (required every 5 years for those under 40 years of age, every 3 for those between 40-60 years, and every 2 for those over 60.);
  • Maintain current (every 2 years) CPR/AED, First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen Administration training; and 
  • Ensure annual equipment inspection and service according to manufacturer recommendations.