Request for Temporary Scripps Scientific Diving Authorization

Scientific divers visiting SIO/UCSD’s facilities or collaborating on SIO/UCSD research projects who are not affiliated with current AAUS organizational member institutions may request a temporary scientific diving authorization. This authorization may be issued to those demonstrating appropriate proficiency and can contribute measurable to a dive or diving project.  It is restricted to an approved dive plan and for a specified duration.

A temporary scientific diving authorization will be considered by the SIO DSO upon receipt of the following documentation:

The following scientific diving requirements may be required in coordination with the SIO/UCSD’s DSO:

  • Written SIO Scientific Diver examination; and
  • Performance of a satisfactory check-out dive with SIO/UCSD’s DSO, or designee.

All visiting divers shall comply with the diving regulations of the SIO/UCSD’s Manual for Diving Safety and shall file a copy of all dive logs for dives conducted in association with SIO/UCSD.  The visiting diver shall not exceed the depth certification authorized by the DSO.