Section 9: Scientific Berthing Plan

BERTHING - The scientific berthing is now 38. This assumes 2 persons in the chief scientist room, 4 persons in the dormitory on the 1st platform (otherwise known as "Boy's Town").

Table 1 displays the scientific berthing by location (frame and deck number) and number of occupants. Rooms 1-52-2 and 2-67-2 are normally assigned to the resident marine technician, and the computer engineer respectively. Except where indicated in Table 1, each pair of adjoining rooms shares head facilities.

With the exception of the Chief Scientist's room, all scientific rooms are furnished with bunk beds - one upper bunk and one lower bunk. Rooms furnished with the fold-down upper bunk are indicated on the chart/diagram. Please note these bunks have only 18-20 inches overhead.