Section 7: Ship Organization

CREW - New Horizon normally carries a crew of 12 as follows: The resident technician is a member of the scientific party.

LINENS- Sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels are provided for your convenience. Your first week's supply will be in your stateroom when you arrive aboard. A new supply of sheets and towels will be issued once a week thereafter, usually following the fire and boat drills. Ask the stewards' department if you have any questions.

MEALS - Meals are cafeteria-style. Please observe the posted meal hours, and bus your dirty dishes. There are only two cooks, so it is essential that all hands do their part to keep the mess deck area clean. Please return all utensils and plates used for night lunches to the galley for washing. For more information regarding meals, including special requests, or where things can be found, ask a cook. For health and safety reasons, please stay out of the galley area unless depositing dishes. It is customary to allow all ongoing watch personnel to have priority in line.