Section 2: Specifications

Scientific Support Equipment:

Navigational capabilities: Has Trimble Tansmon P-Code GPS, Trimble NT 200 DGPS, Ashtech ADU GPs attitude-sensing system, Trimble LORAN, Trimble 4000 GPs, Furuno 3 cm and 10 cm Radar, EDO Doppler Speed-Log, Robertson Dynamic Positioning System, Simrad Taiyo ADF, and 2 Sperry Gyros.

Winches: The ship is normally outfitted with four winches: Hydro, 2 CTD and a trawl.

  • A Northern Line traction-drum winch with dual storage drums. Normally 10,000m of 9/16" 3x19 dredge-trawl wire is on one storage drum and 10,000m of 0.680" electromechanical cable on the other. It is fed over aft or side A-frame. On extensive dredging expeditions both drums can carry dredge wire.
  • A small Northern Line hydrographic winch which carries 7,600 m of 1/4" 3x19 wire. This winch is led over the side amidships via a hydraulically operated J-frame.
  • One Markey DESH-6 and one Markey DESH-5 CTD winch which carry 10,000 m of 0.322" three-conductor electromechanical CTD cable on Lebus grooving. It is fed over the side via the side A-frame.

Assorted portable winch/wire combinations available.

Support equipment: Allied (on top of aft hangar) and Pettibone crane (midships), portable Alaska crane normally on main deck. Two hydraulic A-frames, stern and starboard side. J-frame on starboard side forward. Extensive (~3,000) boltdown fittings on a 2' X 2' pattern for removable equipment on all decks and inside laboratories. Can carry multiple laboratory and refrigeration vans. Center-well, stern ramp, bow observation chamber, cargo hoist and staging bay equipment handling systems. An uncontaminated seawater system with 300 series stainless steel through hull fittings, pvc piping and 10 gal per min pump with non-metallic internals is installed.

Permanent and removable scientific equipment: Permanent equipment includes a Kongsberg EM122 multibeam swath mapping system,  Geometrics magnetometer, Bell BGM-3 gravity meter, Turo digital expendable bathythermograph system, RDI 150 kHz narrowband ADCP, RDI OS75 ADCP, networked shipboard meteorological system and Knudsen Engineering 320B and 3260 3.5/12 kHz digital sub-bottom profilers.

Three Price 2,000 psi air compressors are available. One of these is at present diesel-driven and mounted in a 12'x14' custom box. One is electrically driven and mounted in a 8'x20' ISO van. The other is permanently installed in the ship.

Use of isotopes is prohibited in ship's laboratories. Isotope isolation vans are available by request.

An extensive inventory of instrumentation and technical services is available, e.g., dredges, coring equipment, plankton nets, trawls, CTD/rosette systems, MOCNESS systems, single and multichannel seismic systems, submersible strobes and transmitters, etc. A user fee to recover expenses for operating supplies, calibration, maintenance and repair is typically charged for each of these.

Vans: Vans can be carried on the main and 01 (winch) decks and on the 02 deck forward.

Communications: VHF, SSB voice, teletype, Inmarsat voice and GMDSS data. Please see our communication web page for current phone numbers.

Inmarsat area code is 872 when ship is in Pacific; other codes are 871, 873 or 874 for east Atlantic, west Atlantic, Indian Ocean.

An Inmarsat email link through the scientific Sun servers is available and can be accessed on the ship's network. Prior authorization is required for its usage since users are charged for all of their incoming and outgoing messages (above a nominal complimentary monthly allowance).