Appendix: Available Equipment

Sproul has some equipment that is permanently installed, other items that are normally on but can be removed, and other items that are available on request (at no cost to the user). Since it does cost time and money to make these changes, we need to know in advance what items have to be moved.

Frequently, an item in the "available" category is aboard for a trip preceding yours; if you don't have to have it removed, it will be left aboard.

Please check the items on the list that you need, giving preference to items that are permanent or "normally on." It is not possible to put everything on at once.

Permanent Equipment

  • GPS/Loran C
  • Sat Nav
  • GPS/P-Code
  • Radar
  • Storage in hold
  • Walk-in refrigerator (share with ship use)
  • Automatic Direction Finder (VHF)
  • Boston whaler Zodiac boat 17' Avon inflatable work boat
  • Portable lab 8x20
  • GDR echo sounder (12 kHz only)

Normally-on Equipment

  • Trawl winch - Markey DEYSH-3, hydraulic 3/8" wire, 3X19, 14,731'
  • Hi speed lift: 1250#; lo speed 5000# CTD/Hydro winch, Wetern Gear; hydraulic 25,000 ft. of 0.220" conductor wire or 1/4" mechanical wire
  • Husky crane
  • A-frame 15'X15' throat

"Available" equipment

  • Hydro winch (small) Markey DUI-3 with 15,000 ft. of 1/4" wire, 3x19
  • CTD winch (small) Northern Line with 10,291 ft. of .322" conductor wire
  • Capstans: electric or hydraulic
  • Daybrook crane (serves as hydro boom)
  • Hydro bucket (port side)
  • Uncontaminated seawater intake
  • Portable lab, all-aluminum (8x14)
  • Isotope Isolation Vans (deposit required)
  • Deck mounted freezer
  • Shooting table (specify side)
  • Explosives ready-box
  • Midwater trawl (10')
  • Plankton net (1m)
  • Neuston net