Section 2: Scientific Facilities

BIOLOGIC SAMPLING GEAR: A mid-water trawl (10'), plankton net (1 m), and neuston nets are available from the Res. Techs or ODF.

BOATS: The ship has one 12' Avon onboard, 17' Avon, and one 13' Boston Whaler, and 15 and 30 HP outboards are available.

COMPUTER: There is a 486 PC computer available for use in the wet lab. This is normally used for recording Micromariner plotting data and for running XBT software.

DECK: Equipment that can tolerate weather can be secured on deck. It is essential that the Chief Scientist contact the MarFac Shop supervisor and the ship to establish a loading plan for scientific equipment, winches, vans, etc. The ship can carry up to 50 tons on deck, depending on amount of fuel and water being carried. Standard 1" - 8 NC bolt holes are located on the main deck and deck over the lab. The 2' X 2' pattern covers most of the deck area. The filler plugs that are there to keep salt water from filling and rusting the sockets are expensive; please keep them in a safe place and put them back in the sockets when you remove your equipment. The ship has a supply of one inch bolts and one inch eye bolts. [See deck plans in Appendices 2 & 3]

ECHO SOUNDING SYSTEM: The scientific echo-sounder on Sproul is based on a Knudsen Engineering, Ltd. model 320B/R sonar transceiver, featuring chirp technology and digital signal processing. It has a 300 MHz Cyrix computer running Windows 98 as "host", providing the user interface and primary display, while an optional hardcopy may be printed on the system's EPC Labs model 9802 Thermal Graphic Recorder. The system uses a hull-mounted EDO model 323B transducer for HF operation. In addition to hardcopy, data may be logged in any of three ways: as a user-defined ASCII string, as a grayscale in a proprietary binary format, or in SEG-Y format. The ASCII string may also be provided on a com port. An array of transducers for sub-bottom profiling has been funded and will be installed in the fall of 1999.

EXPLOSIVES: Prior approval for loading and use of explosives must be obtained from the chairman, Explosives Safety Committee and all handling must be done by qualified personnel. Robert Wilson (Head of the Resident Technicians) has the UCSD/SIO explosives license, and assigns explosives handlers. An explosives ready-box and magazine will have to be requested.

GASES: No compressed gases are carried for scientific use. Gas bottles can be secured on deck. The ship carries only oxygen and acetylene gases.

GEOLOGICAL AND GEOPHYSICAL SAMPLING GEAR: Available from Resident Tech group and Geophysical Tech group.

LABORATORY: Permanent wet (12' X 8') and dry (12' X 17') labs are located on the main deck aft starboard side. All normal lab services are provided. Two portable labs (8' X 20') and (8' X 14') are available; the (8' X 20') is normally on board on the 01 deck over the permanent lab.

RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL: Radioactive materials and unnatural concentrations of other isotopes are strictly controlled. They may not be brought aboard without permission from the Radioisotope Committee and must be used in an isotope isolation van. Forms may be obtained from the Ship Scheduling Office (also see Chief Scientist's Manual).

SCUBA DIVING: All diving from Scrippsvessels is controlled by the Diving Officer. Each diver must have a valid University of California Certified Diver Card or have been approved by the Diving Officer prior to every diving operation. There is no recompression chamber or diving gear on R/V Robert Gordon Sproul. A portable scuba air compressor is available from the Diving Office at Scripps.

SHIPPING: Commercial containers can be arranged by the Resident Technician Group. Shipments can be made to the ship's agent to ports other than San Diego; contact Nimitz Marine Facilities for agents' addresses. Agents charge for every service they provide. Agents should be advised by telegram of waybill numbers so they can arrange for transportation, storage and customs. Register equipment with U.S. Customs (Form 4455) before shipping outside the U.S.