Section 4: Shipboard Organization

BRIDGE: Please remain off the ship's bridge while entering and departing port and during maneuvering. During normal steaming you may visit the bridge and ask the watch officer questions.

GALLEY: There is only one cook assigned. Meal hours are posted. Messing is cafeteria style. Night rations are provided. Tradition and courtesy require cooperation with the cook. It is most important that each scientist bus his own dishes and clean up any utensils used in preparing night rations.

HOUSEKEEPING: Clean towels and linen are distributed at the beginning of a trip and once a week thereafter. The cook will distribute clean linen at the announced hour. At these times bunks should be stripped and soiled linen taken to the place designated. The scientific party is responsible for the cleanliness of their quarters and of the laboratories. All laboratories and scientific party rooms should be thoroughly cleaned before departing the vessel.

LAUNDRY: Fresh water is a precious commodity at sea and must not be wasted. Use common sense when using the laundry facilities. Full washer loads make the best use of water. The laundry facilities are starboard side aft.