Researchers working with Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) recorded a birthday video for Scripps oceanographer Walter Munk’s 100th birthday. Among other projects, JAMSTEC operates the deep-water scientific drilling vessel Chikyu, which is soon expected to fulfill Walter’s 1957 proposal to drill through the earth’s crust to retrieve a sample of the earth’s mantle. Walter visited Chikyu in 2012 and the science library on board was named “Prof. Walter H. Munk Laboratory and Research Room” in his honor.

Walter Munk reflects on his career with Scripps Oceanography.

During an interview with the U.S. Navy, Walter Munk describes Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of France, June 1944.

Photos and video clips spanning the career of Scripps oceanographer Walter Munk. Video courtesy of UC San Diego Creative Services and Publications. Certain images used courtesy of Ansel Adams.

This 1994 Emmy award winning program traces the work and adventurous life of renowned oceanographer Walter Munk, from his explorations into the mysteries of waves to monitoring global warming.

This documentary showcases Walter Munk’s research on waves generated by Antarctic storms. The film documents Munk’s collaboration as they track storm-driven waves from Antarctica across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska. The film features scenes of early digital equipment in use in field experiments with Munk’s commentary on how unsure they were about using such new technology in remote locations.