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  1. Video: The Birch Aquarium at Scripps Kelp Tank is Back!

    Tank is open to the public after structural repairs completed Mar 18, 2014 From Jan. 6 through Feb. 7, 2014, Birch Aquarium's kelp forest exhibit was off display while minor repairs were made to the tank's concrete structure. This video describe ...

    Last Updated: March 18 - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  2. Video: The James Cameron Nierenberg Prize Interview

    Aug 16, 2013 Now available from UCSD-TV is the May 31 interview of ocean frontier explorer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron. Cameron visited Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, to receive the 2013 Nierenberg Prize for Scien ...

    Last Updated: September 3 - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  3. Back to the Greenhouse World

    Aug 01, 2013 Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego paleobiologist Richard Norris describes a “greenhouse world”  that the planet may soon re-create and how past climate events such as the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum drastically changed li ...

    Last Updated: August 16 - Scripps Institution of Oceanography