Teaching and Outreach

SIO Oceanographic Collections materials are widely used in classroom teaching at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

  • At least 27 courses at SIO/UCSD depend on these collection materials for classroom instruction: 20 graduate (SIO), 6 undergraduate (UCSD Biology and Earth Sciences), and one UC extension course.
    • Selected graduate courses taught at SIO that make heavy use of the Collections include:
      SIO 294 Biology of Fishes
      SIO 284 Invertebrate Zoology
      SIO 274 Marine Arthropods
      SIO 272 Biogeography
      SIO 271 Zooplankton Ecology
      SIO 240 Marine Geology
      SIO 201 Geological Record of Climate Change
      ERTH 104 Geobiology
      ERTH 102 Introduction to Geochemistry
  • Currently, the research of at least 20 Scripps graduate students and 7 postdoctoral scientists directly involves the use of these Collections. The thesis research of students at other universities is also supported.
  • Classes from other colleges and universities also regularly visit the collections.

Informing Governmental Agencies

The SIO Oceanographic Collections provide support services to a number of governmental agencies at Federal, State, and local levels including the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), US Customs, California Department of Fish and Game, and San Diego Parks:

  • Taxonomic expertise is furnished for the accurate identification of fishes and marine invertebrates
  • Provision of expert testimony in courts of law

Public Outreach

The SIO Oceanographic Collections participate in outreach education at all levels. Activities include:

  • Public tours and Open Houses
  • Public presentations
  • Answering public requests for information and advice
  • Support of K-12 education through on site class visits, off-campus lectures to classes and loans of study materials to teachers
  • Support of the Birch Aquarium at Scripps