2013-2014 Undergraduate Course Schedule

This is a tentative listing of undergraduate courses for the 2013-2014 academic year. For more details, including specific times and locations, please visit UCSD's Full Schedule of Classes.  For course descriptions, either click on the course or visit the UCSD Catalog.

Tentative Cou​rse Listing for 2013-2014 by Quarter

Fall 2​013

Course Title Instructor
SIO 12 History of the Earth and Evolution Peach, Cheryl
SIO 15 Natural Disasters Laske, Gabi
SIO 25 Climate Change and Society Teranes, Jane
SIO 30 The Oceans Castillo, Paterno
SIO 40 Life and Climate on Earth Barbeau, Katherine
SIO 50 Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 87 Freshman Seminar - Volcanoes: An Introduction Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 90 Undergraduate Seminar Teranes, Jane
SIO 100 Introduction to Field Methods Tauxe, Lisa
SIO 101 California Coastal Oceanography Aluwihare, Lihini
SIO 103 Introduction to Geophysics Masters, Thomas
SIO 104 Paleobiology and History of Life Norris, Richard
SIO 106 Introduction to Hydrogeology Hilton, David
SIO 117 The Physical Basis of Global Warming Keeling, Ralph
SIO 128 Microbial Life in Extreme Environments Bartlett, Douglas
SIO 132 Introduction to Marine Biology Hastings, Philip
SIO 150 Physics and Chemistry of Planetary Interiors Stegman, David
SIO 182 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics Constable, Steven
SIO 187 Statistical Methods in Marine Biology Semmens, Brice
SIO 189 Pollution, Environment and Health Hamdoun, Amro


Winter 2​014

Course Title Instructor
SIO 1 The Planets Stegman, David
SIO 10 The Earth Sclater, John
SIO 20 The Atmosphere Iacobellis, Sam
SIO 35 Water Driscoll, Neal
SIO 45 Volcanoes Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 87

Freshman Seminar: Treasures of the Earth: Minerals Crystals and Gems

Spectacular specimens and multimedia presentations will introduce students to nature's geologic treasures. Using the mineral kingdom as a platform, students will learn about the fascinating processes and products of the Earth and will gain awareness of their societal importance.

Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 102 Introduction to Geochemistry Kastner, Miriam
SIO 110 Introduction to GIS and GPS for Scientists Minster, Jean
SIO 111 Introduction to Ocean Waves Salmon, Richard
SIO 119 Physics and Chemistry of the Oceans Gille, Sarah
SIO 120 Introduction to Mineralogy Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 134 Introduction to Biological Oceanography Landry, Michael
SIO 143 Ocean Acidification Andresson, Andreas
SIO 144 Introduction to Isotope Geochemistry Severinghaus, Jeffrey
SIO 147 Applications of Phylogenetics Rouse, Gregory
SIO 162 Structural Geology Brown, Kevin
SIO 180 Communicating Science to Informal Audiences Haymet, Tony
SIO 183 Phycology: Marine Plant Biology Smith, Jennifer
SIO 190

Special Topics: Physics of the Atmosphere

This course provides an understanding of the physical principles governing the behavior of the Earth's atmosphere, with emphasis on the thermal structure and composition of the atmosphere, air masses and fronts, and atmospheric thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and radiation.  Recommended preparation: Math 20C, Physics 2C.

Evan, Amato
SIO 190

Special Topics: Marine Chemical Ecology

This class explores the chemistry of marine life involved in the chemical adaptations of defense and communication.  The class examines all of the marine taxa from microbes to higher plants and animals. Recommended preparation: Chem 140C.

Fenical, William


Spring 2​014

Course Title Instructor
SIO 10 The Earth Sclater, John
SIO 16 Geology of the National Parks Gee, Jeffrey
SIO 50 Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 87 Freshman Seminar  
SIO 105 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Driscoll, Neal
SIO 113 Introduction to Computational Earth Science Ogden, Darcy
SIO 115 Ice and the Climate System Fricker, Helen
SIO 125 Biomechanics of Marine Life Taylor, Jennifer
SIO 126 Marine Microbiology Palenik, Brian
SIO 127 Marine Molecular Ecology Burton, Ron
SIO 133 Marine Mammal Biology Hildebrand, Mark
SIO 135 Satellite Remote Sensing Sandwell, David
SIO 136 Marine Biology Laboratory Smith, Jennifer
SIO 138 The Coral Reef Environment Charles, C. / Leichter, J. / Smith, J.
SIO 139 Current Research in Marine Biology Deheyn, Dimitri
SIO 141 Chemical Principles of Marine Systems Dickson, Andrew
SIO 150 Physics and Chemistry of Planetary Interiors Stegman, David / Day, James
SIO 152 Petrology and Petrography Day, James
SIO 155 Whole Earth Geochemistry Hilton, David
SIO 160 Introduction to Tectonics Fialko, Yuri
SIO 170 Introduction to Volcanology Cook, Geoffrey
SIO 181 Marine Biochemistry Tresguerres, Martin