margaret leinen

Margaret Leinen

Director / Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences / Dean of the School of Marine Sciences

Shearer, Peter

Associate Dean of Marine Sciences

Appelgate, Bruce

Associate Director, Ship Operations and Marine Technical Support (SOMTS)

Ritzman, Kathleen

Assistant Director

Gallagher, Steve

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences

Palenik, Brian

Department Chair and Deputy Director for Education

Constable, Catherine

Department Vice Chair

Director, Geosciences of the Earth, Oceans, and Planets (GEO) Program

Rouse, Greg

Director, Ocean Biosciences Program (OBP)

Rudnick, Daniel

Director, Climate-Ocean-Atmosphere Program (COAP)

Gee, Jeff

Deputy Director for Research

Agnew, Duncan

Section Head, Earth Science

Miller, Arthur

Section Head, Oceans and Atmosphere

Burton, Ronald

Section Head, Biology

Helling, Harry

Executive Director, Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Bartlett, Douglas

Faculty Chair