Master of Advanced Studies

Students study specimens on the beach near Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
Students study specimens during a beach field trip near Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) degree programs equip students with the research-informed training needed to serve in influential science, policy, communication and leadership positions. The accelerated, one-year MAS degree differs from a traditional two-year Master of Science (MS) degree in that it is extraordinarily interdisciplinary, skills-based and project-focused. Our programs are designed to propel graduates into satisfying, challenging positions immediately upon graduation. 

To support robust classroom discussions and enhance critical thinking skills, the MAS Programs at Scripps Institution of Oceanography welcome applicants with diverse professional backgrounds in the private sector, public sector, academia and from non-governmental organizations. Specifically, the programs are most appropriate for candidates with at least three years of experience in resource management, education, outreach, science, advocacy, economics, journalism, law or communication. 


MAS in Climate Science & Policy

The Master of Advanced Studies in Climate Science & Policy (MAS CSP) Program responds to the increasing global need for scientific, policy, and communication experts to act on climate challenges concerning the future of our planet. Key areas of focus in the MAS CSP Program include the physical science basis of climate change, the impacts of ongoing climate change on human and ecological systems, existing climate politics and governance, and how to communicate climate information to key audiences. 

MAS CSP students work with the world's leading climate and policy experts at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the broader UC San Diego campus, as well as government officials in San Diego and throughout California. 

Alumni hold leadership positions in government, the private sector, at NGOs, and climate organizations around the world to guide meaningful climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. 


MAS in Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

The Master of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity & Conservation (MAS MBC) Program trains the trailblazers of tomorrow to address the world's most pressing ocean and coastal challenges. Students learn about marine ecosystems and conservation through an interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum in marine biology, ecology, oceanography, social justice, communication, economics, law, and policy. 

MAS MBC students enjoy access to world class researchers, NOAA Fisheries scientists, and the Birch Aquarium. The program is also connected to valuable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community partners who are at the forefront of marine conservation issues in California, the U.S. and globally. 

Alumni spearhead research, lead agencies, work with Tribes, create policy, craft effective communication strategies, direct NGOs, produce films and impact marine conservation in meaningful ways. With demonstrated success, our alumni change the way the world understands and manages its ocean resources.