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This is a collection of Scripps course syllabi.  The syllabi are archived by academic year.  Each syllabus is saved under the format (term offered_instructor).  Please note that not all courses are taught on an annual basis.

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Course Course Title 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
SIO 1 The Planets WI18_Pommier     WI15_Stegman WI14_Stegman
SIO 3 Life in the Oceans     WI16_Aburto WI15_Aburto  
SIO 10 The Earth SP18_Borsa SP17_Borsa WI16_Sclater / SP16_Sclater   SP14_Sclater
SIO 12 History of the Earth and Evolution       FA14_Peach FA13_Peach
SIO 15 Natural Disasters FA17_Laske FA16_Laske FA15_Laske FA14_Laske  
SIO 16 Geology of the National Parks SP18_Gee SP17_Gee   SP15_Gee SP14_Gee
SIO 20 The Atmosphere WI18_Norris, J. WI17_Norris, J. WI16_Gershunov WI15_Gershunov WI14_Iacobellis
SIO 25 Climate Change and Society WI18_Teranes WI17_Teranes FA15_Teranes FA14_Teranes FA13_Teranes
SIO 30 The Oceans

S117 _Inman / FA17_Castillo

FA16_Castillo FA15_Castillo FA14_Castillo FA13_Castillo
SIO 35 Water     WI16_Driscoll WI15_Dricoll WI14_Driscoll
SIO 40 Life and Climate on Earth FA17_Barbeau FA16_Barbeau FA15_Barbeau FA14_Barbeau FA13_Barbeau
SIO 45 Volcanoes S117_Cook / WI18_Cook   WI16_Cook WI15_Cook WI14_Cook
SIO 50 Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences     FA15_Cook / SP16_Cook FA14_Cook / SP15_Cook SP14_Cook
SIO 60 Experiences in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences FA17_Lucas/Vanos        
SIO 87 Freshman Seminar     FA15_Norris / FA15_Cook / WI16_Cook / SP16_Cook FA14_Cook / WI15_Cook / SP15_Cook  
SIO 90 Undergraduate Seminar FA17_Harada     SP15_Teranes  
SIO 96 Frontiers in Earth Sciences          
SIO 100 Introduction to Field Methods       FA14_Tauxe  
SIO 101 California Coastal Oceanography     FA15_Aluwihare/Landry FA14_Aluwihare  
SIO 102 Introduction to Geochemistry WI18_Castillo/Day WI17_Kastner WI16_Kastner WI15_Kastner WI14_Kastner
SIO 103 Introduction to Geophysics       FA14_Masters  
SIO 104 Paleobiology and History of Life   SP17_R. Norris FA15_Norris FA14_Norris  
SIO 105 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy     SP16_Driscoll    
SIO 106 Introduction to Hydrogeology       FA14_Brown FA13_Hilton
SIO 108 Introduction to Paleoclimatology FA17_Teranes FA16_Teranes      
SIO 109 Bending Curve: Climate Change WI17_Ramanathan/Forman SP17_Ramanathan/Forman      
SIO 110 Inroduction to GIS and GPS for Scientists WI18_Minster WI17_Minster WI16_Minster WI15_Minster WI14_Minster
SIO 111 Introduction to Ocean Waves     WI16_Salmon   WI14_Salmon
SIO 113 Introduction to Computational Earth Science WI18_Tauxe SP17_Tauxe SP16_Key    
SIO 114 Analysis of Environmental Justice     SP16_Werner    
SIO 115 Ice and the Climate System     WI16_Fricker WI15_Fricker SP14_Fricker
SIO 116 Climate Change & Global Health WI18_Benmarhnia        
SIO 117 The Physical Basis of Global Warming   FA16_Keeling FA15_Keeling FA14_Keeling  
SIO 119 Physics and Chemistry of the Oceans WI18_Gille/Andersson WI17_Gille/Andersson WI16_Gille WI15_Gille WI14_Gille
SIO 120 Introduction to Mineralogy WI18_Cook   WI16_Cook WI15_Cook.a WI15_Cook.b WI14_Cook.a WI14_Cook.b
SIO 121 Biology of the Cryosphere SP18_Bowman        
SIO 122 Ecological Development Biology          
SIO 123 Microbial Environmental Systems Biology   FA16_Allen, A. FA15_Allen, A. FA14_Allen, A.  
SIO 124 Marine Natural Products SP18_Jensen SP17_Jensen      
SIO 125 Biomechanics of Marine Life   SP17_Taylor SP16_Taylor   SP14_Taylor
SIO 126 Marine Microbiology WI18_Palenik WI17_Palenik WI16_Palenik WI15_Palenik  SP14_Palenik
SIO 126L Marine Microbiology Laboratory     WI16_Brahamsha WI15_Brahamsha  
SIO 127 Marine Molecular Ecology SP18_Burton SP17_Burton SP16_Burton SP15_Burton SP14_Burton
SIO 128 Microbial Life in Extreme Environments     SP16_Bartlett SP15_Bartlett FA13_Bartlett
SIO 129 Marine Chemical Ecology   WI17_Fenical      
SIO 131 Parasitology SP18_Hechinger        
SIO 132 Introduction to Marine Biology   FA16_Burton FA15_Hastings/Burton FA14_Hastings  
SIO 133 Marine Mammal Biology SP18_Hildebrand/Ballance SP17_Hildebrand/Ballance SP16_Hildebrand/Ballance SP15_Hildebrand SP14_Hildebrand
SIO 134 Introduction to Biological Oceanography WI18_Landry/Barton WI17_Landry WI16_Landry WI15_Landry  WI14_Landry
SIO 135 Satellite Remote Sensing SP18_Sandwell SP17_Sandwell SP16_Sandwell/Fricker SP15_Sandwell SP14_Sandwell
SIO 136 Marine Biology Laboratory     SP16_Brahamsha/Semmens/Sirovic/Wegner SP15_Davis/Semmens  
SIO 138 The Coral Reef Environment          
SIO 139 Current Research in Marine Biology WI18_Palenik       SP14_Deheyn
SIO 141 Chemical Principles of Marine Systems         SP14_Dickson
SIO 143 Ocean Acidification   WI17_Andersson   WI15_Andersson  
SIO 144 Introduction to Isotope Geochemistry WI18_Castillo/Chin WI17_Castillo/Severinghaus      
SIO 147 Applications of Phylogenetics WI18_Rouse   WI16_Rouse   WI14_Rouse
SIO 152 Petrology and Petrography SP18_Day
SP16_Day SP15_Day.a SP15_Day.b  
SIO 155 Whole Earth Geochemistry     SP16_Hilton SP15_Hilton SP14_Hilton
SIO 160 Introduction to Tectonics SP18_Fialko SP17_Fialko SP16_Fialko SP15_Fialko  
SIO 162 Structural Geology     WI16_Brown WI15_Brown WI14_Brown
SIO 170 Introduction to Volcanology     FA15_Cook FA14_Cook SP14_Cook
SIO 170L Introduction to Volcanology Field Experience          
SIO 171 Introduction to Physical Oceanography     SP16_Hendershott    
SIO 172 Introduction to Atmospheric Science WI18_Evan   WI16_Evan    
SIO 173

SIO 173:  Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Climate

  SP17_J. Norris/Xie SP16_Norris/Xie SP15_Norris/Xie  
SIO 178 Geophyiscal Fluid Dynamics WI18_Becker        
SIO 180 Communicating Science to Informal Audiences     WI16_Peach WI15_Haymet  
SIO 181 Marine Biochemistry SP18_Treguerres SP17_Treguerres SP16_Treguerres SP15_Tresguerres/Hildebrand  
SIO 182 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics     WI16_Constable WI15_Constable  
SIO 183 Phycology: Marine Plant Biology WI18_Smith   WI16_Smith   WI14_Smith
SIO 184 Marine Invertebrates   WI17_Rouse   WI15_Rouse  
SIO 187 Statistical Methods in Marine Biology WI18_Sandin     FA14_Semmens  
SIO 188 Biology of Fishes WI18_Hasting        
SIO 189 Pollution, Environment and Health   FA16_Hamdoun   FA14_Hamdoun  
SIO 190 Special Topics in Earth Sciences       WI15_Teranes  
SIO 192 Senior Seminar in Scripps Institution of Oceanography   FA16_Hughes      
SIOC 200A Computational Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing I       FA14_Kuperman  
SIOC 200B Computational Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing II   WI17_Kuperman   WI15_Kuperman  
SIOC 200C Computational Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing III       SP15_Kuperman  
SIOC 201 Geological Record of Climate Change          
SIOC 202A Fundamentals of Wave Physics WI18_Kuperman/ Feddersen    WI16_Melville/Kuperman WI15_Melville  
SIOC 202B Fundamentals of Wave Physics SP18_Stramski/J. Hildebrand SP17_Stramski   SP15_Gerstoft/Stramski  
SIOC 203A Introduction to Applied Mathematics I   FA15_LlewellynSmith FA15_LlewellynSmith FA14_LlewellynSmith  
SIOC 203B Introduction to Applied Mathematics II   WI17_LlewellynSmith WI16_LlewellynSmith WI15_LlewellynSmith  
SIOC 203C Introduction to Applied Mathematics III     SP16_Young SP15_Young  
SIOC 204 Acoustics SP18_Buckingham   SP16_Buckingham SP15_Buckingham WI14_Buckingham
SIOC 206 Land Surface Hydrology          
SIOC 207A Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing          
SIOC 207B Digital Signal Processing I     WI16_Hodgkiss    
SIOC 207C Digital Signal Processing II          
SIOC 207D Array Processing          
SIOC 208 Seminar in Applied Ocean Sciences   FA16_Stramski / WI17_Stramski / SP17_Stramski WI16_Stramski / SP16_Stramski FA14_Pinkel  
SIOC 209 Special Topics: Fall Quarter FA17_Giddings FA16_Giddings / FA16_Thompson FA15_Eisenman / FA15_Cook/Peach / FA15_Werner / FA15_Keeling FA14_Giddings / FA14_Werner  
SIOC 209 Special Topics: Winter Quarter WI18_Thompson   WI16_Xie WI15_Werner WI14_Xie / WI14_Chadwell / WI14_Buckingham
SIOC 209 Special Topics: Spring Quarter SP18_Xie SP17_Day/Gee SP16_Ramanathan SP15_Evan

SP14_Severinghaus / SP14_Kuperman / Sp14_Eisenman‚Äč

SIOC 210 Physical Oceanography FA17_Purkey/Mackinnon FA16_Talley FA15_Talley FA14_Talley  
SIOC 211A Ocean Waves I WI18_Feddersen WI17_Feddersen WI16_Feddersen    
SIOC 211B Ocean Waves II       SP15_Melville  
SIOC 212A Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I   WI17_Eisenman WI16_Mackinnon WI15_Eisenman  
SIOC 212B Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II SP18_Cessi   SP16_Cessi SP15_Cessi SP14_Cessi
SIOC 213 Turbulence and Mixing     FA15_Armi    
SIOC 214A Introduction to Fluid Mechanics FA17_Giddings FA16_Giddings/Hendershott FA15_Giddings FA14_Giddings  
SIOC 214B Environmental Fluid Dynamics          
SIOC 215A Applied Mathematics for Oceanographers I          
SIOC 215B Applied Mathematics for Oceanographers II          
SIOB 215C Applied Mathematics for Oceanographers III          
SIOC 216 Introduction to the Physics of Complex Systems WI18_Werner   WI16_Werner WI15_Werner  
SIOC 217A Atmospheric and Climate Sciences I FA17_Russell FA16_Russell FA15_Russell FA14_Russell  
SIOC 217B Atmospheric and Climate Sciences II WI18_Eisenman WI17_Norris, J. WI16_Eisenman WI15_Eisenman WI14_Eisenman
SIOC 217C Atmospheric and Climate Sciences III   SP17_Ramanathan/J. Norris SP16_Ramanathan/Norris SP15-Ramanathan SP14_Norris
SIOC 217D Atmospheric and Climate Sciences IV     WI16_Russell   WI14_Russell
SIOC 218 Cloud Dynamics and Climate          
SIOC 218A Observational Methods          
SIOC 218B Practical Methods at Sea          
SIOC 219 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography: Fall Quarter   FA16_Alford FA15_Alford / FA15_Cessi FA14_Alford  
SIOC 219 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography: Winter Quarter WI18_Alford/Send   WI16_MackinnonWI16_Alford  WI15_Talley / WI15_Giddings WI15_Alford WI14_Federrsen / WI14_Talley
SIOC 219 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography: Spring Quarter     SP16_Giddings    
SIOC 219 Observational Oceanography Seminar SP18_Feddersen SP17_Feddersen   SP15_Feddersen SP14_Feddersen 
SIOC 219 Theoretical Oceanography Seminar       SP15_Young / FA14_Cessi SP14_Young
SIOC 220 Observations of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation   SP17_Roemmich SP16_Roemmich SP15_Roemmich  
SIOC 221A Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data (A) FA17_Gille FA16_Gille FA15_Buckingham FA14_Pinkel  
SIOC 221B Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data (B)     WI16_Rudnick  WI15_Rudnick SP14_Rudnick
SIOC 221C Data Analysis Laboratory FA17_Alford FA16_Alford FA15_Gille FA14_Gille   
SIOC 222 Underwater Bioacoustics   SP17_Baumann-Pickering/Sirovic      
SIOC 235 Ocean Atmosphere Interaction   SP17_Xie SP16_Xie SP15_Xie SP14_Xie
SIOC 237A Introduction to Ocean Optics   SP17_Stramski      
SIOC 237B Ocean Color Remote Sensing          
SIOC 237C Optical-Biological Interactions in the Ocean SP18_Stramski     SP15_Stramski  
SIOC 238 Sensor Networks          
SIOC 241 Advanced Signal Processing     SP16_Kuperman    
SIOC 250 Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics   FA16_Norris, J.   FA14_Norris  
SIOC 251 Radiation in the Atmosphere          
SIOC 254 Science of Climate Change          
SIOC 261 Nearshore Physical Oceanography   SP17_Feddersen   SP15_Feddersen  
SIOC 267 Biogeochemistry     SP16_Severinghaus/Keeling SP15_Keeling/Severinghaus SP14_Keeling
SIOC 290S Climate Math S317_Chen  S316_Chen      
SIOC 291S @Climate S317 S316      
SIOC 292 Introduction to Climate Science & Policy   WI17_Conway      
SIOC 296 Special Topics: Climate Science & Policy Forum   WI17_Russell      
SIOG 223A Geophysical Data Analysis I     WI16_Constable    
SIOG 223B Geophysical Data Analysis II SP18_Agnew   SP16_Agnew SP15_Agnew SP14_Agnew
SIOG 224 Internal Constitution of the Earth          
SIOG 225 Physics of Earth Materials FA17_Agnew FA16_Fialko FA15_Agnew

FA14_Fialko / SP15_Pommier

SIOG 226 Introduction to Marine Geophysics       WI15_Chadwell  
SIOG 227A Introduction to Seismology WI18_Shearer WI17_Shearer WI16_Shearer WI15_Shearer WI14_Shearer
SIOG 227B Advanced Seismology I          
SIOG 227C Advanced Seismology II          
SIOG 228 Research Seminar WI18_Castillo / SP18_Castillo FA16_Castillo FA15_Castillo / WI16_Castillo / SP16_Castillo FA14_CastilloWI15_Castillo / SP15_Castillo WI14_Castillo
SIOG 229 Gravity and Geomagnetism WI18_Borsa/C. Constable   WI16_Constable WI15_Borsa WI14_Borsa
SIOG 230 Introduction to Inverse Theory   FA16_Constable, C. SP16_Constable  FA14_Constable  
SIOG 231 Introduction to EM Methods in Geophysics          
SIOG 232 Ethical and Professional Science     SP16_Constable FA14_Constable  
SIOG 233 Introduction to Computing at SIO FA17_Shearer FA16_Shearer FA15_Shearer    
SIOG 234 Geodynamics     FA15_Sandwell FA14_Sandwell  
SIOG 236 Satellite Remote Sensing SP18_Sandwell SP17_Sandwell SP16_Sandwell SP15_Sandwell SP14_Sandwell
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics: Fall Quarter


FA17_Sandwell/S. Constable

SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics: Winter Quarter   WI17_Stegman/Blackman WI16_Fialko / WI16_Stegman/Brown / WI16_Tauxe / WI16_Sandwell/Fialko WI15_Fialko / WI15_Brown/Stegman WI14_Brown/Stegman / WI14_Fialko
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics: Spring Quarter   SP17_Stegman/Blackman SP16_Stegman/Brown SP15_Brown/Stegman  
SIOG 240 Marine Geology FA17_Charles/Gee   FA15_Charles/Gee WI15_Charles/Gee  
SIOG 244 Shape and Structure of the Ocean Floor   SP17_Lonsdale SP16_Lonsdale   WI14_Lonsdale
SIOG 245 Marine Sediments-Paleo Proxies SP18_Kastner     SP15_Kastner  
SIOG 246 Global Tectonics and Basin Formation          
SIOG 247 Rock Magnetism and Paleomagnetism SP18_Tauxe/Gee   SP16_Tauxe WI15_Tauxe  
SIOG 249 Special Topics in Marine Geology FA17_Sclater       WI14_Norris
SIOG 251 Whole Earth Geochemistry       SP15_Hilton SP14_Hilton
SIOG 252A Introduction to Isotope Geochemistry WI18_Castillo/Chin WI17_Castillo/Severinghaus WI16_Castillo WI15_Castillo WI14_Castillo
SIOG 252B Advanced Isotope Geochemistry I          
SIOG 252C Advanced Isotope Geochemistry II          
SIOG 253 Interactions of Oceanic Plates and the California Margin FA17_Lonsdale FA16_Lonsdale      
SIOG 255 Paleobiology and History of Life          
SIOG 255A Topics in Paleobiology and History of Life          
SIOG 257 Seminar in Petrology          
SIOG 260 Marine Chemistry WI18_Barbeau/Martz   WI16_Barbeau   WI14_Barbeau
SIOG 261 Introduction to Rheology of Solid Earth SP18_Pommier   SP16_Pommier    
SIOG 263 Aqueous Chemistry          
SIOG 268 Seminar in Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry          
SIOG 269 Special Topics in Marine Chemistry: Fall Quarter          
SIOG 269 Special Topics in Marine Chemistry: Winter Quarter   WI17_Andersson WI16_Martz WI15_Andersson  
SIOG 269 Special Topics in Marine Chemistry: Spring Quarter         SP14_Andersson
SIOB 242A Marine Biotechnology I: Tools and Methods FA17_Fenical/L.Gerwick   FA15_Gerwick/Fenical    
SIOB 242B Marine Biotechnology II: Applications WI18_Jensen/Fenical   WI16_Fenical/Bartlett    
SIOB 242C Marine Biotechnology III: Intro to Bioinformatics   SP17_Gassterland     SP14_Gaasterland
SIOB 243 Marine Paleoecology          
SIOB 248 Evolution of Earth's Biosphere          
SIOB 262 Marine Chemical Biology Seminar WI18_W.Gerwick / SP18_Jensen FA16_Fenical / WI17_Jensen     WI14_Fenical
SIOB 264 Biosynthesis of Marine Natural Products     SP16_Moore/Gerwick    
SIOB 270 Pelagic Ecology       SP15_Ohman/Allen, A.  
SIOB 270A Fisheries Oceanography     SP16_Checkley   SP14_Checkley
SIOB 271 Marine Zooplankton     WI16_Ohman WI15_Ohman  
SIOB 272 Advanced Statistical Techniques     WI16_Sandin WI15_Sandin  
SIOB 273 Professional Ethics in Science   SP17_Dayton/Leichter   WI15_Dayton WI14_Dayton
SIOB 274 Natural History Below the Tides          
SIOB 275A Benthic Ecology     WI16_Levin   WI14_Levin
SIOB 275B Natural History of Coastal Habitats          
SIOB 276 Quantitative Theory of Populations and Communities FA17_Sugihara     FA14_Sugihara  
SIOB 276L Quantitative Ecology Project Lab   WI17_Sugihara WI16_Sugihara WI15_Sugihara SP14_Sugihara
SIOB 277 Deep-Sea Biology FA17_Levin   FA15_Levin   FA13_Levin 
SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences: Fall Quarter   FA16_Azam FA15_Ohman/Rudnick    
SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences: Winter Quarter WI18_Azam  

WI16_Franks / WI16_Hechinger / WI16_Hamdoun

SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences: Spring Quarter   SP17_Levin/Aburto / SP17_Allen, E. SP16_Aburto / SP16_Landry/Dayton/Leichter / SP16_Allen, A. SP15_Franks / SP15_Checkley / SP15_Palenik  
SIOB 280 Biological Oceanography   FA16_Franks FA15_Franks FA14_Checkley  
SIOB 281 Environmental Physiology and Biochemistry of Marine Organisms SP18_Tresguerres   SP16_Tresguerres FA14_Tresguerres  
SIOB 282 Phytoplankton Diversity   FA16_Palenik     FA13_Palenik
SIOB 283 Phycology: Marine Plant Biology         WI14_Smith
SIOB 284 Marine Invertebrates   WI17_Rouse   WI15_Rouse  
SIOB 285 Physical-Biological Interactions   SP17_Franks   SP15_Franks  
SIOB 286 Marine Science, Economics and Policy WI18_Sandin WI17_Levin WI16_Sandin WI15_Levin / FA14_Mengerink / WI15_Doukakis WI14_Sandin
SIOB 287A Marine Microbial Ecology   SP17_Azam WI16_Azam   SP14_Azam
SIOB 287B Microbial Physiology          
SIOB 288 Marine Microbial Laboratory          
SIOB 289 Pollution, Environment, and Health   FA16_Hamdoun   FA14_Hamdoun  
SIOB 290 Marine Biology   WI17_Holland WI16_Holland / SP_Holland   SP14_Holland / WI14 Holland
SIOB 291 Biology Graduate Research Presentations       SP15_Hughes SP14_Felbeck
SIOB 292 Communicating Science to Informal Audiences       WI15_Haymet WI14_Haymet
SIOB 293 Applications of Phylogenetics         WI14_Rouse
SIOB 294 Biology of Fishes WI18_Hastings   WI16_Hastings SP15_Hastings  
SIOB 295 Behavior and Ecology of Fishes   SP17_Hastings      
SIOB 296 Special Topics in Marine Biology: Fall Quarter   FA16_Mengerink / FA16_Burton FA15_Hughes FA14_Hughes / FA14_Shaffer  
SIOB 296 Special Topics in Marine Biology: Winter Quarter WI18_Archer WI17_Hughes WI16_Russell / WI16_Batchelor  WI15_Morin / WI15_Fenical / WI15_Batchelor / WI15_Moore WI14_Sandin / WI14_Hastings
SIOB 296 Special Topics in Marine Biology: Spring Quarter   SP17_Archer / SP17_GerwickSP17_Hechinger SP16_Semmens SP15_Levin

SP14_Semmens / SP14_Gerwick

SIO 295S Introduction to Marine Biodiversity and Conservation—Seminar          
SIO 295LS Introduction to Marine Biodiversity and Conservation—Lab