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Director's Office Scripps Administration Building   Mail Code 0210
Dr. Bruce Appelgate SIO Associate Director 858.534.2220
- - - Nimitz Marine Facility office 858.246.0175  

Ship Operations Office Nimitz Marine Facility   Mail Code 0705
Joost van der Zwaag Marine Superintendent 858.534.1643
Heather Galiher Port Captain 858.226.8761
David Minor Port Engineer 858.534.1645
Crystal Roberts Chief Administrative Officer 858.534.4121
Hannah Delapp Research Vessel Expeditionary Coordinator 858.900.1728
Kristina Dizon Research Vessel Expeditionary Assistant 858.534.2840
Lindsay Long Crew Recruiter/Scheduler 858.534.0579
Rene Buck Purchasing Specialist 858.534.1633
Jennifer Paolini Senior Financial Analyst 858.534.1638
Byron Asch Financial Services - Ship Operations 858.534.1641
James Bartoli Financial Services - Ship Operations 858.534.1640
Vacant Financial Services - Shipboard Technical Support 858.246.5118  
Hung Lee Financial Services - Shipboard Technical Support 858.534.7560
Chun Ohl Fund Manager - Shipboard Technical Support 858.246.5267
Karen Solorzano Financial Analyst - Shipboard Technical Support 858.534.4121
Caylen Garrie Human Resources Business Partner 858.534.1644
Melinda Moore Human Resources Assistant 858.534.1644
Shawn Fisher HR Generalist - Shipboard Technical Support 858.534.1644
Jennifer Lund HR Generalist - Ship Operations 858.534.1644
Aaron Davis Winch and Wire Engineer 858.246.0376

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Shipboard Technical Support Department (STS) Nimitz Marine Facility   Mail Code 0705
Lee Ellett Manager, STS 858.534.2434


Electronics Technician Group Nimitz Marine Facility   Mail Code 0705
John Calderwood Electronics Technician Group 858.534.8287


Marine Research Technician Group (ResTechs) Nimitz Marine Facility 858.534.1632 Mail Code 0705
Matt Durham Supervisor, ResTechs 858.534.1632
Royhon Agostine Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Amber Boettiger Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Jeremiah Brower Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Noah DesRosiers Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Josh Manger Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Andrew Naslund Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Doug Penny Research Technician Group 858.534.8904
Mason Schettig Research Technician Group 858.534.1632
Neil Schieber Research Technician Group 858.534.1632


Computing Resources Group (STS-CR)

Nimitz Marine Facility   Mail Code 0705
Jon Meyer Supervisor, Computing Resources 858.534.5194
Nick Benz Computing Resources Group 858.534.5194
Jeff Buxton Computing Resources Group
Brent De Vries Computing Resources Group 858.534.9566
Maxwell Hughes Computing Resources Group 858.534.5194
Howell Johnson Computing Resources Group 858.534.9565
Murray Manchanthasouk Computing Resources Group 858.246.1791
Thomas Lockwood Computing Resources Group 858.246.5383
Erik Stevens Computing Resources Group 858.534.4844
Maya Thompson Computing Resources Group 858.534.9564


Shipboard Geophysical Group (SGG) Nimitz Marine Facility   Mail Code 0705
Lee Ellett Supervisor, SGG 858.534.2434
Brendon Mendenhall Geophysical Engineer 858.822.3597


Oceanographic Data Facility (ODF) Deep Sea Drilling West    Mail Code 0236
Susan Becker Supervisor, ODF 858.534.1903
Tania Leung Oceanographic Data Facility 858.534.1906
Aaron Mau Oceanographic Data Facility 858.534.2079
Megan Roadman Oceanographic Data Facility 858.534.1906


Arctic Shipboard Technical Support Deep Sea Drilling West   Mail Code 0236
Brendon Mendenhall Interim Arctic Cruise Coordinator 858.822.3597


Radiation & HazMat Safety     Mail Code 0236
Gary Lain Env't Health & Safety Specialist 858.534.0193


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Scientific Boating (R/V Bob & Betty Beyster) Marine Science Development Center   Mail Code 0210
Brett Pickering Principal Boat Operator 858.337.4261

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Scientific Diving Dive Locker   Mail Code 0210
Christian McDonald Diving Officer 858.534.2002

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CCRV Project Office Eckart Hall   Mail Code 0210
Zoltan Kelety Project Manager 858.822.1124

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Marine Engineering Maintenance Facility Nimitz Marine Facility Mail Code 0705
Frank Biegler Superintendent, Marine Engineering Facility 858.534.5736
Tom Brown Marine Engineering Facility 858.534.1629
Joe Caudillo Marine Engineering Facility 858.534.1631
Lorenzo McCoy Marine Engineering Facility 858.534.1629
Daniel Rangel Marine Engineering Facility 858.534.1629

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Marine Facility Security Office Nimitz Marine Facility Mail Code 0705
Jovantia Johnson Security Office 858.534.1639

Jonathan Rhodes Security Office 858.534.1639
Ron Smallwood Security Office 858.534.1639


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