Scripps in the Community

Scripps Oceanography faculty, staff and students contribute to a wide array of educational and community outreach activities – onsite at Scripps, throughout the local community, and around the globe. Scripps also recognizes the value of basic science literacy across the socioeconomic spectrum, and actively seeks opportunities to engage diverse audiences in learning about our research.

Educational Outreach
on the Scripps Campus

Through its onsite exploration center and community outreach programs, Scripps community members engage students, teachers and the public in understanding and protecting our ocean planet.

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

The Birch Aquarium at Scripps is the public exploration center for Scripps, showcasing the institutions cutting edge research through science-centered exhibits and live animal displays, as well as science education programs that connect Scripps scientists directly to students, teachers and the public.


Scripps Community Outreach for Public Education (SCOPE)

Scripps Community Outreach for Public Education (SCOPE) is a student-led, volunteer-driven program that  provides direct public access to Scripps research through a variety of campus and pier tours, as well as an ever expanding range of educational programs and activities. 

Scripps Community Outreach (SCOPE)

Scripps Educational Alliances

Scripps Educational Alliances (SEA) works closely with Scripps scientists and community organizations to facilitate their collaboration on a wide array of science education and outreach programs and activities. 

Scripps Educational Alliances (SEA)

Scripps Oceanographic Collections

Scripps Oceanographic Collections provides a limited number of exclusive tours and on- and off- site presentations showcasing the largest and most complete university-based oceanographic collections in the world.

Scripps Oceanographic Collections

Educational Outreach in the Community

Scripps Oceanography community members contribute to education and outreach programs throughout the region, bringing Scripps scientific expertise to bear on education programs for students, teachers and the public



Inspiring future generations to understand and protect our planet is an important part of Scripps mission. Scripps community members engage with organizations that reach diverse student populations at all educational levels, from those that serve students who are just learning about the natural world to those who aspire to science careers.


New national science standards are calling for teachers to help students master science practices – the types of activities scientists engage in to investigate and build models and theories about the natural world.   Scripps scientists work directly with science education leaders and classroom teachers to create professional development opportunities for teachers and learning resources for students that combine leading edge science with effective pedagogy.


Barriers to academic success and college admission often include lack of access to resources including tutoring and mentoring.  Scripps community members actively seek out and participate in some of the most successful local programs.

California Sea Grant

California Sea Grant is a unique partnership that unites the resources of the federal government, the State of California and universities across the state to create knowledge, products and services that benefit the economy, the environment, and the citizens of California.

Visit California Sea Grant

Community Science (Citizen Science)

Community or citizen science is the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research. Through community science programs, people can share and contribute to data monitoring and collection programs. Community science programs initiated by Scripps scientists include the following programs:




Scripps Science In Action in the Community

Research at Scripps isn’t confined to our campus in La Jolla. Research is underway in communities across the region and state. Here are a few ways to see or experience Scripps science in action. 


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