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Keiara Auzenne, M.B.A., J.D.

Director of Diversity Initiatives
Office: Eckart 102
Pronouns: she | her | hers 

Keiara Auzenne is the Director of Diversity Initiatives for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. In this position she is tasked with improving campus climate and addressing issues of equity, diversity and inclusion for students, staff and faculty at Scripps.  Keiara formerly worked as the San Diego County Director for the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO).   She is also the co-founder and director of a monthly Clean Slate Clinic that provides assistance formerly incarcerated individuals seeking to expunge their criminal records.  She serves on various UC San Diego campus committees, including the VCEDI Advisory Committee, the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women, and the Chancellor's Childcare Oversight Committee.  She is also a member of the AGU Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee.  In 2020, she received a UC San Diego Inclusive Excellence Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions in support of UC San Diego’s commitment to inclusive excellence and diversity.

She is a San Diego native and a member of the California Bar, American Bar Association, San Diego Lawyers Club, and San Diego Chapters of the ACLU and the NAACP. Keiara obtained her JD from UCLA (specialization in Critical Race Studies). She also holds an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and BAs in Political Science and Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.   She enjoys spending time with her partner and their two daughters.


jennifer mackinnon

Jennifer MacKinnon, PhD

Associate Dean for Faculty Equity
Office: Keck OAR 260
Pronouns: she | her | hers 

In February 2019, professor and physical oceanographer Jennifer MacKinnon was appointed as the Associate Dean for Faculty Equity at Scripps. This newly created role is part of the institution’s commitment to instill equitable practices for recruitment, retention, and evaluation of professors and researchers, leading to diverse and inclusive faculty and researchers.

In this role, MacKinnon will work collaboratively on recruitment to ensure that Scripps maintains the ability to recruit and retain excellent faculty, and evaluate them in a fair and equitable way. This includes providing implicit bias training for hiring committees, advising on fair and equitable hiring practices, reviewing candidates contributions to diversity statements, and more.  The position will also work closely with Scripps’ Director of Diversity Initiatives Keiara Auzenne to coordinate on institutional initiatives that involve faculty.

MacKinnon was also the recipient of a UC San Diego Inclusive Excellence Award in 2018, which recognized her extraordinary mentorship to underrepresented scientists through her participation in the program Mentoring Physical Oceanography Women to Increase Retention.

Community Engagement Fellows

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Osinachi Ajoku

SIO Community Engagement Fellow, 2018-2020
PhD Candidate 2020 - Climate, Atmospheric Science & Physical Oceanography (CASPO)
Pronouns: he | him | his

Osinachi Ajoku received his PhD from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Spring 2020. Ajoku’s research focused on the impact biomass burning produced aerosols pose on West African monsoon dynamics. During his studies, he also pursued a passion for a topic personal to him: equity, diversity and inclusion in academia. As one of only a handful of male, African-American PhD recipients at Scripps Oceanography and one of several few in his field, he sought to gain a deeper understanding of why this is so. As a Community Engagement fellow, he learned the important factors that go into creating a diverse student boy, namely recruitment and retention. With the opportunity to give implicit bias workshops, he has learned how to enlighten his peers on the various struggles persons of color face in academia and society as a whole. He will now take these experiences forward as he moves to the National Center for Atmospheric Research as a postdoctoral researcher. 

Alyssa Griffin

Alyssa J. Griffin

SIO Community Engagement Fellow, 2018-2020
PhD Candidate 2020 - Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry (MCG)
Pronouns: she | her | hers 

Alyssa earned her bachelor’s degree in Geology and Religion (double-major) from Temple University in 2010. She began research in carbon mineralization as an undergraduate and continued this research as a Master’s student, also at Temple University. After completing her Master’s degree in 2012, Alyssa received a position as a Staff Geologist for an environmental consulting firm in Brea, California. It didn’t take long for Alyssa to fully recognize her irrefutable passion for scientific research and education, which prompted her swift return to academia in the Fall of 2014. While pursuing a PhD in Marine Geochemistry, Alyssa has combined her interest in dissolution kinetics, mineral surface processes, and carbonate minerals to study the effects of ocean acidification on biogenic carbonates. As a female and minority scientist, she has experienced the lack of equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM firsthand and is passionate about changing these experiences for future generations of scientists. Her ultimate goal is to be a visible example and mentor for women and minorities who wish to pursue careers in science

Ideas, suggestions or feedback?  Email us at scrippsdiversity@ucsd.edu 

Prior Community Engagement Fellows

Jennifer Ho
SIO Undergraduate Community Engagement Fellow, 2017-2018

My name is Jennifer Ho and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I graduated from UC San Diego in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Sociology.  As a student activist, I am passionate about fighting social injustices and exploring the various ways of social interactions.  I became an Undergraduate Community Engagement Fellow to obtain a better understanding of this community and help educate others on the importance of diversity and inclusion in order to inspire an environment where individuals can feel valued and welcomed in a successful work space.

Shawnpreet Matharu
SIO Undergraduate Community Engagement Fellow, 2017-2018

My name is Shawnpreet Matharu, and I graduated in 2019 from UC San Diego with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Law & Society. I plan on going to law school after I graduate.  One reason I was interested in becoming an Undergraduate Community Engagement Fellow was to foster a greater impact and understanding of what inclusion means in the UC San Diego Community. I hope to gain more awareness and promote more inclusion and understanding to the community around me.

Lynn Waterhouse
SIO Community Engagement Fellow, 2017-2018

Lynn Waterhouse was one of the first graduate Community Engagement Fellows at Scripps. Lynn obtained her PhD in Biological Oceanography in 2019.  While at Scripps, she worked in Dr. Brice X. Semmens' lab doing research on stock assessment method development and improving efficiency and accuracy of fish population estimates.  Prior to coming to Scripps, Lynn completed a M.S. degree in Statistics at Pennsylvania State University and a M.S. in fisheries science from the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences at The College of William and Mary.  Lynn previously served as the co-organizer of WMIS (Women and Minorities in Science) group at SIO working to promote equity and equality across genders and minority groups in the sciences.  She was also the cultural events coordinator for the UC San Diego Graduate Student Association (GSA) for planning an organizing trips and tickets to local cultural events.