Women and Minorities in Science (WMIS)

WMIS Triton 5k
WMIS Triton 5K Team - 2019

Women and Minorities in Science (WMIS) is a collection of colleagues dedicated to fostering and promoting an equitable and inclusive environment at SIO and within the larger scientific community. WMIS encourages the participation of anyone who supports minoritized groups and women in science and wishes to work towards a more equitable, equal, and inclusive community.

Follow WMIS on Twitter and Instagram, join us on Slack, or sign up for our mailing list. Email the leadership team with questions or ideas for events at sio-wmis@ucsd.edu. Public listserv postings should be sent to wmis@sio.ucsd.edu.


What We Do

Community Building & Group Discussions

Growing up in Science Seminar Series

Invited speakers discuss the personal side of their journey in science, highlighting the role of luck, failures, and perseverance.

Student Seminar Series

Students share brief, informal talks about a topic of their choice.

Skill Share Series

SIO community members share a skill (recipe, craft, hobby) with WMIS members.

Working Group

Friday co-working session with 'accountabili-buddies'.

Group Social Events

  • Sip 'n Swap (exchange of ideas and books/essays/articles + drinks)
  • Multicultural Potluck, Holiday Cookie Exchange

Film Screenings & Discussions

e.g. More than a Word, Hidden Figures, Picture a Scientist

Student Advocacy at SIO
  • New Student Welcome / 10 Things I Wish I Knew about SIO
  • WMIS Mentorship Program (coming soon!)
  • History of Women and Minorities at SIO
Career Development & Science Communication
  • SciComm Series w/ the SIO Communications Office (Op-eds, Media Training, Twitter for Science)
  • Conference Presentation Practices (e.g. for Ocean Sciences and AGU)
  • Postdoc Panel
  • Personal Science Website Building and Design Seminar
Outreach Activities
  • Garibaldi Bowl
  • San Diego Science Fair
  • Astronaut Jessica Meir Livestream Event at SIO


WMIS Graduate School Open House/Interview Advice

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

Anti-Racism Resources 1

Anti-Racism Resources 2

Black Lives Matter Allyship Resources

Anti-Asian Hate Resources - Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

Deconstructing the Model Minority Myth (Dr. Peter Kiang)