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    & Marine Technical Support (SOMTS)

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has one of the largest academic research fleets in the world, with four research vessels and the research platform FLIP. Scripps vessels play a critical role in exploring our planet, conducting important research in all the world’s oceans.

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Scripps Fleet News

Sally Ride

Sally Ride Science Launches at UC San Diego
STEM outreach program to continue legacy of first American woman to fly in space

Del Mar Seep tubeworms and crab.

Scripps Video News Release: Researchers Release Details of Recently Discovered ‘Del Mar Seep’
Video illustrates deep-sea methane seep site found 30 miles west of San Diego coast

Around the Pier: A ‘Bittersweet’ Send-off for Scripps Research Vessel
After 46 years, R/V Melville is retired with recollections and a rare public open house of Scripps fleet’s largest ship

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