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Scripps Oceanography students participate in the scientific diving program. 
Scripps Oceanography students participate in the scientific diving program.

Learn how Scripps works to attract, retain, and support a diverse faculty, staff, and student body with the goal of reflecting California demographics and achieving institutional excellence at Scripps.

ACCESS Justice Initiative (Addressing Climate Change through Environmental Science and Social Justice)

ACCESS Justice Initiative (Addressing Climate Change through Environmental Science and Social Justice) invites underrepresented scholars to discuss how their research has local impact on communities around the world.  This will be an opportunity to highlight Scripps-led research that has a substantial local community impact and/or is used to further environmental or social justice efforts.   The Initiative includes a quarterly lecture series and an annual symposium. Contact for more information on how to participate. 

DEEP Connections Initiative (Developing Engagement through Existing Pipeline Connections)

DEEP Connections (Developing Engagement through Existing Pipeline Connections) Lecture Series explores the many intersections of diversity and science by highlighting the amazing scientific endeavors of traditionally underrepresented and marginalized scholars who are also advocates, actively engaged in advancing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the fields of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences. Join us for an exciting and informative discussion about their work and their EDI-related efforts.

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Graduate Application Assistance Programs

Scripps Oceanography has programs to assist in recruitment of diverse graduate students, and aid in the application process.


Scripps IMPROVES (Inclusive Mentorship Program for Retention & Outreach thru Value-driven Engagement & Support): Initiative offers tiered mentorship training and engagement opportunities to support the Scripps community at various stages of career pathway.

Scripps HIRES

Scripps HIRES (Hiring thru Inclusive Recruitment & Engagement Strategies): This initiative provides support to staff search committees through training on implicit bias in hiring, and best practices for inclusive resume screening and interviewing. Program also provides guidance for targeted outreach to affinity-based professional associations to encourage a diverse candidate pool.


As a leader in the scientific diving community, Scripps has a unique and powerful opportunity to exert significant influence over diver demographics and to build a more inclusive dive community. With logistical support from Scripps’ dive staff, development team, key faculty and student leads, the Scripps Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is working to launch DIVERsity, a program designed increase access to professional dive training (i.e., scientific diving) for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students from diverse and underserved backgrounds.

This program is open to all current and incoming UCSD students with any level of swim and/or dive proficiency.

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