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The 2017 Thomas Fire. Photo: istockphoto/Carsten Schertzer

Study Bolsters Case that Climate Change Is Driving Many California Wildfires
Connection seen to fivefold jump in area burned

Water flows through Oroville Dam spillway, April 2019. Photo: Calif. Dept. of Water Resources

Atmospheric Rivers to Become Even More Dominant Source of California Water Resources and Flooding
Research projects that, as other storms decline, atmospheric rivers will strengthen, bringing greater proportion of annual precipitation

Corazon’s Damsel or Pomacentrus vatosoa, a new species of damselfish. Photo: Y.K. Tea

Scientists Identify New Species of Damselfish
New study co-authored by Scripps Oceanography identifies Corazon’s Damsel, a previously unknown species of damselfish found off Madagascar

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