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Researchers projected warming scenarios that vary based on what societal actions are taken to reduce emissions

New Climate Risk Classification Created to Account for Potential “Existential” Threats
Researchers identify a one-in-20 chance of temperature increase causing catastrophic damage or worse by 2050

View of an atmospheric river that made landfall in California on Feb. 16, 2017

California’s Climate Future Suggests More Volatility and a Key Role for Atmospheric Rivers
Management of water resources could become more challenging

Photo: MistikaS/iStock

Rising CO2 Leading to Changes in Land Plant Photosynthesis
Suggests that plants have achieved an optimum response to rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere

From the Porthole

Obituary Notice: Wolf Berger, Pioneer of Paleoceanography
From Scripps student to interim director, Berger was an ambassador for ocean science

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