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At a depth of 58 meters (190 feet), Paul Dayton with a camera flash unit in McMurdo Sound, 1968

How Marine Life Responds to Upheaval
Recent episode in Antarctica set off a chain of ecological events and offered a study in resilience

Zooglider (top) with a selection of zooplankton imagery the robot has captured. Top photo: Benjamin Whitmore

New Robot Can Sense Plankton Optically and Acoustically
Scripps biological and physical oceanographers collaborate to create first-of-its-kind sensing instrument

The amount of data readings, or profiles, made by Argo is nearly four times the number made before Argo's start 20 years ago

Argo Program Achieves Milestone with Two Million Ocean Measurements
Transformative network has enabled sweeping view of large-scale, long-duration changes in all the world’s oceans

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