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County road in Berthoud, Colorado washed away by the September 2013 Colorado Front Range floods. Credit: Lornay Hansen/CIRES

Colorado’s Biggest Storms Can Happen Anytime, New Study Finds
Storms show a “diverse seasonality,” following seasonal patterns in some regions, but not others

Two New Studies of Rocks Show Earliest Forms of Life in Antarctic Ice Caves and in South African Lava
Discovery of physical fossils validated in new science papers

A woman smiles near a cherry blossum tree.

Scripps Alumna Amy Bowman Heads to Washington D.C. for Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship
Bowman will spend the next year working on ocean science policy and communication for NOAA Fisheries

From the Porthole

Artistic Display Brings Zooplankton into Focus
UCSD student’s new art show inspired by collaboration with the Jaffe Lab at Scripps

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