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Photo of Jack Pan, Scripps PhD Candidate and founder of Ocean Motion Technologies

Triton Innovation Challenge: Scripps Entrepreneurs Venture Beyond Barriers
Three members of the Scripps Oceanography community competed in the 2018 Triton Innovation Challenge to present their blue and green technology-based startups

At a depth of 58 meters (190 feet), Paul Dayton with a camera flash unit in McMurdo Sound, 1968

How Marine Life Responds to Upheaval
Recent episode in Antarctica set off a chain of ecological events and offered a study in resilience

Zooglider (top) with a selection of zooplankton imagery the robot has captured. Top photo: Benjamin Whitmore

New Robot Can Sense Plankton Optically and Acoustically
Scripps biological and physical oceanographers collaborate to create first-of-its-kind sensing instrument

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