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Scripps Hosts Public Events on Plastic Pollution

Scripps Hosts Public Events on Plastic Pollution
The Science of Plastic in the Sea and Solutions for Marine Plastic Pollution

Scripps grad students Nicolas Blanc, Erica Ferrer, Garfield Kwan, and Sara Rivera will be attending SACNAS 2018.

Scripps Oceanography Attends the 2018 SACNAS Conference
Q&A with four Scripps graduate students who will be attending the SACNAS Conference, an annual gathering that fosters diversity in science

Microscopic view of domoic acid producing Pseudo-nitzschia diatom

Domoic Acid Decoded: Scientists Discover Genetic Basis for How Harmful Algal Blooms Become Toxic
Research into gene function in microalgae helps determine how toxins are made in oceanic harmful algal blooms

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