Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate students exploring the tide pools near Scripps


Bachelor degrees, minors, and undergraduate courses in earth, atmospheric, and marine sciences


GeoSciences (BS)

The Geosciences major embraces a wide range of topics, including the physical and chemical evolution of the planet, the evolution of life, the causes of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, earth-surface processes, the origin and behavior of oceans and atmosphere, and the impact of humans on the environment.

Marine Biology (BS)

Undergraduate students in the Marine Biology major will develop an understanding of the biology of marine organisms and the biological and physical processes that affect these organisms, their populations, and their coastal and oceanic ecosystems.

Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Major (BS) 

The Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences major develops an understanding of the fundamental physics and chemistry governing the ocean and atmosphere. The major is interdisciplinary by nature and has close connections to courses and research applications in physics, chemistry, engineering, earth sciences, and environmental systems.

Environmental Systems (ESYS) Interdisciplinary Program

The ESYS Program recognizes the growing demand for environmental specialists and is designed to prepare undergraduates to enter a broad spectrum of environmental careers and graduate programs. The ESYS Program offers a variety of major tracks, a minor, and undergraduate courses.


Marine Science Minor

The Marine Science minor curriculum is designed to complement the strong disciplinary training of UC San Diego basic science majors by providing a broad interdisciplinary perspective with an environmental focus.

GEOSciences Minor

The Geosciences minor gives students an opportunity to enhance their current major with a broad scientific study of the origin and evolution of the earth system and its life forms.

Climate Change Studies Minor

This Climate Change Studies minor curriculum highlights UC San Diego’s broad campus expertise in understanding and responding to the challenges of climate change.

Other Opportunities

Study Abroad

Undergraduate students at UC San Diego have the opportunity to supplement their coursework with a variety of Study Abroad programs specializing in earth, marine, and environmental sciences.