Financial Information for Current Students

Financial support is available to qualified graduate students in the form of fellowships, loans, and assistantships for research or teaching. Graduate Student Researcher positions are typically awarded by the professor who is the holder of the research grant. These appointments usually pay for tuition (if applicable). Students are encouraged to read about faculty research and contact faculty directly.

Teaching assistantships are coordinated through the SIO Department. PhD students in their first year are not scheduled to TA.

Students are encouraged to obtain their own support by applying directly to fellowship granting agencies and internal fellowships.  Please visit the PhD Cost and Funding page for more details.

  • Please note that Master of Advanced Studies programs are self-funded, and students in MAS programs do not qualify for assistantships for research or teaching.
  • Scripps MS programs are self-funded. Teaching assistantships may be available for MS students, but spots are limited and PhD students are given priority.