Welcome to Scripps Oceanography!

We know Scripps Oceanography can sometimes be confusing, so we tried to put a short guide together to help you navigate this place more efficiently. Here, you will find what we thought was most important initially, but exploring our guide could prove to be useful at various points in your degree. Bookmark it and provide feedback if we forgot anything!

  • People in the Graduate Student Office really care about your success. If you are confused or worried at any point during your degree, feel free to contact them. They will know how to help you or where to direct you.
  • You should apply for UCSD housing as soon as possible. Even if you don't think you want housing now, it's always nice to be on the waiting list for later and have the option.
  • Take steps to establish California Residency as soon as you can. This will avoid large expenses!
  • Submit a photo for your student ID card and download the bus pass.
  • If you get a parking permit, even a free 10-day parking permit, make sure you obtain the Scripps supplementary pass so you can park in Scripps' lots.
  • Get your keys from your business office and check if you need to fill out timesheets.
  • Sign up for direct deposit: Student Business Services, payroll
  • Get your computer registered with IT services.
  • Register for classes as soon as possible, the deadline to avoid late fees tends to be in September. You need to be registered in at least 12 units to receive financial support!
  • Become familiar with your degree requirements. Spend some of your summer studying and prepare for your first-year curriculum by reviewing key concepts related to chemistry, math, and physics with these online resources.
  • Hold an introductory meeting with your Guidance Committee, and submit the Quarterly Guidance Committee form to the Graduate Coordinator.
  • Attend TG, our social event on Friday evenings. Don’t forget to donate to keep it afloat!
  • If you are a student parent, there is a growing community of student parents at SIO. Join the group and benefit from everyone's expertise!