Industry Partnerships

Scripps Corporate Alliance

Scripps Corporate Alliance is a membership program connecting companies to the unique and world-renowned research, students, scientists, and facilities of Scripps and UC San Diego.

Why join Scripps Corporate Alliance?

  • Facilitated access to scientists and technical staff
  • Connections to valuable new hires
  • Invitations to special events and programs
  • Co-branding for member media
  • Staff support to execute on custom, value-add engagement

Research & Development

Companies work with Scripps to accomplish mutual research and development goals.  Scripps provides scientific, engineering, and technical assistance via contract or service agreement, leads industry-sponsored research or scientific contracts, and licenses new intellectual property for commercial use. 


Members of Scripps Corporate Alliance receive assistance connecting to research resources, increasing visibility, and identifying and executing on opportunities for collaboration. Members are invited to give seminars on campus and attend and sponsor institutional programs. While on campus, members receive assistance in coordinating their visit to streamline and maximize their time on-site.

Talent Recruitment

Participating in professional development programs and Scripps Corporate Alliance provides opportunities to meet, shape, and hire the next generation of scientists. Members host career Q&As and networking events, post career and internship opening, and advise student capstone projects. Members have access to a Talent Recruitment Portal to view student and postdoc professional information for proactive recruitment.




Contact Us and Learn More

Gwen Nero, Director
Corporate Affiliates, Business Development, Industry Outreach, & Innovation

Office: 858-822-4121

Vanessa Scott, Industry Relations & Innovation Analyst
Office: 858-246-5336



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