Courses in the SIO Department

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This page displays the current 2023-24 plan for classes in the SIO Department, including those in the Climates Change Studies (CCS), Environmental Systems (ESYS), Marine Biodiversity & Conservation (MBC), and Climate Science & Policy (CSP) programs.  Please be aware that all listings are tentative, and class offerings and instructors are subject to change.  Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for times and locations, when available. For course descriptions, either click on the course number or see  the UC San Diego General Catalog.

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Courses at Scripps Oceanography

Course Course Title Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer
CCS 102 Research Persp/Climate Change Werner, B
CCS 123 PolicyPolitics Climate Change Gabriel, C
ESYS 101 Environmental Biology Taylor, J; Diaz, J
ESYS 102 The Solid and Fluid Earth Haase, J
ESYS 103 Envrnmntl Chall: Science & Sol Lerner, A
ESYS 187B Senior Internship Project II Hetherington, E
ESYS 187C Envir Sys/Senior Seminar Hetherington, E
MBC 258 Marine Consrv/Comm Practicum 1 Murray, S
SIO 1 The Planets Stegman, D Kehrli, M
SIO 3 Life in the Oceans Aburto Oropeza, M
SIO 10 The Earth Borsa, A Cook, G
SIO 12 History of Earth & Evolution Peach, C
SIO 15 Natural Disasters Laske, M
SIO 16 Geology of the National Parks Gee, J
SIO 20R The Atmosphere Russell, L
SIO 25 Climate Change and Society Rivera-Collazo, I
SIO 30 The Oceans Gille, S; Aarons, S Torres, R
SIO 40 Life and Climate on Earth Barbeau, K Fenton, M
SIO 45 Volcanoes Cook, G Cook, G
SIO 46GS Global Volcanism Cook, G
SIO 50 Intro to Physical Geology Cook, G Cook, G
SIO 60 Exp/Oceanic & Atmospheric Sci Ricke, K; Lucas, A
SIO 65 Geosciences Seminar Cook, G
SIO 75 Geological History of Earth Norris, R
SIO 87 First-year Seminar - Weather in San Diego Norris, J
SIO 87 First-year Seminar STAFF Aburto Oropeza, M
SIO 90 Undergraduate Seminar STAFF STAFF
SIO 100 Geological Field Methods Norris, R; Gee, J
SIO 102 Introduction to Geochemistry Day, J
SIO 103 Introduction to Geophysics Parnell-Turner, R
SIO 105 Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Driscoll, N
SIO 107 Water Pollution Schartup, A
SIO 108 Paleoclimatology Charles, C; Aarons, S
SIO 109R Bending/Curve: Climate Change Forman, F Forman, F
SIO 110 Intro GIS & GPS for Scientists Batchelor, H
SIO 111 Introduction to Ocean Waves Feddersen, F
SIO 113 Comp & Data Analysis in Geosci May, D
SIO 115 Ice and the Climate System Fricker, H
SIO 117 Physical Basis/Global Warming Keeling, R
SIO 119 Physics and Chem of the Oceans Send, U
SIO 120 Mineralogy Cook, G
SIO 121GS Geology of the Alps Cook, G
SIO 121 Biology of the Cryosphere Bowman, J
SIO 122 Ecological Developmental Bio Lyons, D
SIO 123 Microbial Env Systems Biology Allen, A
SIO 125 Biomechanics of Marine Life Taylor, J
SIO 126 Marine Microbiology Palenik, B
SIO 128 Microbial Life in Extreme Env. Bartlett, D
SIO 132 Introduction to Marine Biology Hechinger, R; Kacev, D Kim, E
SIO 133 Marine Mammal Biology Baumann-Pickering, S; Kacev, D Urrutia Osorio, M
SIO 134 Intro/Biological Oceanography Barton, A Alksne, M
SIO 135 Satellite Remote Sensing Fricker, H
SIO 136 Marine Biology Laboratory Kacev, D Kacev, D
SIO 137 Ecosystems & Fisheries Choy, A; Petrik, C
SIO 139 Current Research in Marine Bio Palenik, B Kacev, D Kacev, D
SIO 141 Chem Prin of Marine Systems Pomeroy, R
SIO 143 Ocean Acidification Andersson, J
SIO 144 Intro to Isotope Geochemistry Day, J
SIO 145 Intro Field Method Bio Ocean Choy, A
SIO 146 Cell and Dev. Bio. Lab Lyons, D
SIO 152 Petrology and Petrography Van Allen, E
SIO 153 Geomorphology STAFF
SIO 160 Intro to Global Tectonics Stegman, D
SIO 161 Seismology Fan, W
SIO 162 Structural Geology Wright, V
SIO 164 Underwater Archaeology STAFF
SIO 167 Geoarchaeology Rivera-Collazo, I
SIO 170 Volcanology Cook, G
SIO 171 Intro to Physical Oceanography Rudnick, D
SIO 172 Physics of the Atmosphere Norris, J
SIO 173 Dynamics of Atmos & Climate Lutsko, N
SIO 174 Chemistry of Atmosph and Ocean Aluwihare, L
SIO 175 Analysis Ocean/Atmosph Data Merrifield, M
SIO 176 Observ Physical Oceanography Straneo, F
SIO 177 Fluid Dynamics Becker, J
SIO 178 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Becker, J
SIO 179 Ocean Instruments and Sensors Martz, T
SIO 181 Marine Biochemistry Tresguerres, M
SIO 182 Envr & Exploration Geophysics Constable, S
SIO 183 Phycology: Marine Plant Biolgy Smith, J; Khen, A
SIO 184 Marine Invertebrates Rouse, G
SIO 187 Stat Methods in Marine Biology Kacev, D Kacev, D
SIO 192 Senior Seminar/SIOceanogrphy Gerwick, W
SIOB 218 Ocean & Coastal Law and Policy Murray, S
SIOB 242A Marine Biotechnology I Hamdoun, A
SIOB 242B Marine Biotechnology II Jensen, P; Moore, B
SIOB 262 Marine Chemical Biology Seminr Jensen, P STAFF
SIOB 270 Pelagic Ecology STAFF; Allen, A
SIOB 272 Advanced Statistical Technique Sandin, S
SIOB 273 Professional Ethics in Science Leichter, J
SIOB 274 Natural History Below the Tide Leichter, J
SIOB 276L Quantitative Ecology Proj Lab Sugihara, G
SIOB 276 Quant Theory/Population&Commun Sugihara, G
SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences Decima, M Bowman, J; Baumann-Pickering, S Arcila, D
SIOB 279 Ecology Seminar/BO STAFF Franks, P
SIOB 280 Biological Oceanography Baumann-Pickering, S; Allen, A
SIOB 291 Biology Graduate Research Pres Tresguerres, M; Allen, E Tresguerres, M
SIOB 296 Special Topics/Ocean Bio Semmens, B; Brazier, E Batchelor, H Mongiardino Koch, N
SIOB 296 Special Topics/Ocean Bio - BO Grad Student Presentations STAFF
SIOB 297 Marine Biology Seminar STAFF Allen, E
SIOB 298 Spec Studies/Marine Sciences Rouse, G
SIOC 200A Ocean Acoustics&Signal Proc I Lin, Y
SIOC 200B Ocean Acoustics&Signal Proc II Lin, Y
SIOC 202A Fundamentals of Wave Physics Hao, X
SIOC 202B Fundamentals of Wave Physics Stramski, D; Gabriel, A
SIOC 203A Intro to Applied Mathematics Becker, J
SIOC 203B Intro/Applied Mathematics II Llewellyn Smith, S
SIOC 203C Intro/Applied Mathematics III Young, W
SIOC 208 Seminar/Applied Ocean Sciences Merrifield, M Merrifield, M Merrifield, M
SIOC 209 Special Topics Werner, B
SIOC 210 Physical Oceanography Purkey, S
SIOC 211A Ocean Waves I Alford, M
SIOC 212A Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I Eisenman, I
SIOC 212B Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II Cessi, P
SIOC 213 Turbulence and Mixing Armi, L
SIOC 214A Intro To Fluid Mechanics Giddings, S
SIOC 216A Intro/Physics of Complex Systm Werner, B
SIOC 217A Atmospheric & Climate Sci I Evan, A
SIOC 217B Atmospheric & Climate Sci II Norris, J
SIOC 217C Atmospheric & Climate Sci III Lutsko, N
SIOC 217D Atmospheric & Climate Sci IV Russell, L; Keeling, R
SIOC 220 Observatns/Lg Scale Ocean Cir Rudnick, D
SIOC 221A Anlys/Physicl Oceanograph Data Alford, M
SIOC 221B Analysis/Physical Ocean Data Gille, S
SIOC 224 NumericalModel/ClimateSys Eisenman, I
SIOC 225 Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions Straneo, F
SIOC 228 ML for Physical Applications Shi, Y
SIOC 235 Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Xie, S
SIOC 237A Introduction/Ocean Optics Stramski, D
SIOC 251 Radiation in the Atmosphere Evan, A
SIOC 296 Climate Science & Policy Forum Gabriel, C
SIOG 200A Geophysics Research Skills I Constable, S
SIOG 200B Geophysics Research Skills II Gabriel, A
SIOG 200C Geophysics Research Skills III Parnell-Turner, R
SIOG 221 Plate Tectonics in Practice Parnell-Turner, R
SIOG 223A Geophysical Data Analysis I Morzfeld, M
SIOG 223B Geophysical Data Analysis II Agnew, D; Fan, W
SIOG 225 Physics of Earth Materials Fialko, Y
SIOG 227A Introduction to Seismology Gabriel, A
SIOG 227B Advanced Seismology I Laske, M
SIOG 228 Research Seminar Allen, E Kacev, D Van Allen, E
SIOG 229 Gravity and Geodesy Borsa, A
SIOG 230 Introduction to Inverse Theory Constable, C
SIOG 231 GeoElectromagnetism Constable, C; Constable, S
SIOG 232 Ethical & Professional Science Constable, C; Constable, S
SIOG 233 Intro to Computing at SIO Shearer, P
SIOG 234 Geodynamics Sandwell, D
SIOG 235 Computational Inverse Problems Morzfeld, M
SIOG 237 Space Geodesy Haase, J
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics - Seismology Seminar Fan, W
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics - SEISMOLOGY Gabriel, A
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics - Seismology Shearer, P
SIOG 240 Marine Geology Gee, J; Charles, C
SIOG 252A Intro to Isotope Geochemistry Day, J
SIOG 260 Marine Chemistry Barbeau, K
SIOG 268 Seminar Marine Chem & Geochem Barbeau, K
SIOG 269 Spec Topics/Marine Chemistry Martz, T