Additional Info on Courses in the SIO Department

This table shows the approximate frequency of SIO Department course offerings.  Due to faculty leaves and unanticipated events, there will be classes that deviate from the frequency shown here.  (NB: Biannual means twice each year; biennial means every other year.)


Course Title Normal frequency
SIO 1 The Planets Annually
SIO 3 Life in the Oceans Annually
SIO 10 The Earth Annually
SIO 12 History of the Earth and Evolution Annually
SIO 15 Natural Disasters Annually
SIO 16 Geology of the National Parks Annually
SIO 20 The Atmosphere Annually
SIO 25 Climate Change and Society Annually
SIO 30 The Oceans Annually
SIO 35 Water Annually
SIO 40 Life and Climate on Earth Annually
SIO 45 Volcanoes Annually
SIO 50 Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences Annually
SIO 60 Experiences in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Annually
SIO 65 Geosciences Seminar Annually
SIO 75 Geological History of Earth Annually
SIO 90 Undergraduate Seminar Quarterly
SIO 100 Introduction to Field Methods Annually
SIO 101 California Coastal Oceanography Annually
SIO 102 Introduction to Geochemistry Annually
SIO 103 Introduction to Geophysics Annually
SIO 104 Paleobiology and History of Life Occasionally
SIO 105 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Annually
SIO 106 Introduction to Hydrogeology TBD
SIO 107 Water Pollution Annually
SIO 108 Introduction to Paleoclimatology Annually
SIO 109 Bending Curve: Climate Change Annually
SIO 110 Introduction to GIS and GPS for Scientists Annually
SIO 111 Introduction to Ocean Waves Annually
SIO 113 Introduction to Computational Earth Science Annually
SIO 115 Ice and the Climate System Annually
SIO 116 Climate Change & Global Health Annually
SIO 117 The Physical Basis of Global Warming Annually
SIO 119 Physics and Chemistry of the Oceans Annually
SIO 120 Introduction to Mineralogy Annually
SIO 121 Biology of the Cryosphere Occasionally
SIO 122 Ecological Development Biology Occasionally
SIO 123 Microbial Environmental Systems Biology Annually
SIO 124 Marine Natural Products Biennially
SIO 125 Biomechanics of Marine Life Annually
SIO 126 Marine Microbiology Annually
SIO 127 Marine Molecular Ecology Annually
SIO 128 Microbial Life in Extreme Environments Annually
SIO 129 Marine Chemical Ecology Occasionally
SIO 131 Parasitology Biennially
SIO 132 Introduction to Marine Biology Annually
SIO 133 Marine Mammal Biology Annually
SIO 134 Introduction to Biological Oceanography Annually
SIO 135 Satellite Remote Sensing Annually
SIO 136 Marine Biology Laboratory Biannually
SIO 137 Ecosystems and Fisheries Biennially
SIO 138 The Coral Reef Environment Annually
SIO 139 Current Research in Marine Biology Biannually
SIO 141 Chemical Principles of Marine Systems Annually
SIO 143 Ocean Acidification Annually
SIO 144 Intro to Isotope Geochemistry Annually
SIO 145 Introduction to Field Methods in Biological Oceanography Annually
SIO 146 Methods in Cell and Developmental Biology of Marine Organisms.   Biennially
SIO 147 Applications of Phylogenetics Occasionally
SIO 152 Petrology and Petrography Annually
SIO 155 Whole Earth Geochemistry Occasionally
SIO 160 Introduction to Tectonics Annually
SIO 161 Seismology Annually
SIO 162 Structural Geology TBD
SIO 164 Introduction to Maritime Archaeology Annually
SIO 166 Environmental Archaeology Biennially
SIO 167 GeoArchaeology Occasionally
SIO 170 Introduction to Volcanology Annually
SIO 171 Introduction to Physical Oceanography Annually
SIO 172 Physics of the Atmosphere Annually
SIO 173 Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Climate Annually
SIO 174 Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Oceans Annually
SIO 175 Analysis of Oceanic and Atmospheric Data Annually
SIO 176 Observational Physical Oceanography Annually
SIO 177 Fluid Dynamics Annually
SIO 178 Geophyiscal Fluid Dynamics Annually
SIO 179 Ocean Instruments & Sensors Occasionally
SIO 180 Communicating Science to Informal Audiences Biennially
SIO 181 Marine Biochemistry Annually
SIO 182 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics Annually
SIO 183 Phycology: Marine Plant Biology Biennially
SIO 184 Marine Invertebrates Biennially
SIO 185 Marine Microbiology Laboratory Annually
SIO 187 Statistical Methods in Marine Biology Annually
SIO 188 Biology of Fishes Annually
SIO 189 Pollution, Environment and Health Annually
SIOC 201 Geological Record of Climate Change Annually
SIOC 202A Fundamentals of Wave Physics Annually
SIOC 202B Fundamentals of Wave Physics Annually
SIOC 203A Introduction to Applied Mathematics I Annually
SIOC 203B Introduction to Applied Mathematics II Annually
SIOC 203C Introduction to Applied Mathematics III Annually
SIOC 204 Underwater Acoustics Biennially
SIOC 205 Estuarine Processes Biennially
SIOC 206 Land Surface Hydrology Annually
SIOC 207A Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing Annually
SIOC 207B Digital Signal Processing I Annually
SIOC 207C Digital Signal Processing II Annually
SIOC 207D Array Processing Occasionally
SIOC 208 Seminar in Applied Ocean Sciences Quarterly
SIOC 210 Physical Oceanography Annually
SIOC 211A Ocean Waves I Annually
SIOC 211B Ocean Waves II Occasionally
SIOC 212A Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I Annually
SIOC 212B Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II Annually
SIOC 213 Turbulence and Mixing Annually
SIOC 214A Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Annually
SIOC 216A Introduction to the Physics of Complex Systems Annually
SIOC 216B Applied Complexity Annually
SIOC 217A Atmospheric and Climate Sciences I Annually
SIOC 217B Atmospheric and Climate Sciences II Annually
SIOC 217C Atmospheric and Climate Sciences III Annually
SIOC 217D Atmospheric and Climate Sciences IV Biennially
SIOC 218A Observational Techniques in Oceanography Annually
SIOC 218B Practical Methods at Sea Occasionally
SIOC 220 Observations of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation Annually
SIOC 221A Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data (A) Annually
SIOC 221B Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data (B) Annually
SIOC 221C Data Analysis Laboratory Annually
SIOC 222 Underwater Bioacoustics Occasionally
SIOC 223 Proposal Writing and Oceanographic Experiment Design Biennially
SIOC 224 Climate Modeling Biennially
SIOC 225 Ice Sheet - Ocean Interactions Annually
SIOC 228 Machine Learning for Physical Applications Annually
SIOC 235 Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Annually
SIOC 237A Introduction to Ocean Optics Occasionally
SIOC 237B Ocean Color Remote Sensing Occasionally
SIOC 237C Optical-Biological Interactions in the Ocean Occasionally
SIOC 250 Advanced Atmospheric Dynamic Biennially
SIOC 251 Climate Change: Radiation in the Atmosphere Biennially
SIOC 267 Biogeochemistry Annually
SIOC 290S Climate Math and Science Annually
SIOC 291S Introduction to Climate Policy Annually
SIOC 296 Climate Science & Policy Forum Annually
SIOG 200A Geophysics Research Skills I Annually
SIOG 200B Geophysics Research Skills II Annually
SIOG 200C Geophysics Research Skills III Annually
SIOG 221 Plate Tectonics in Practice Biennially
SIOG 222 Introduction to Industry Reflection Seismic Methods Biennially
SIOG 223A Geophysical Data Analysis I Annually
SIOG 223B Geophysical Data Analysis II Annually
SIOG 224 Internal Constitution of the Earth Annually
SIOG 225 Physics of Earth Materials Annually
SIOG 227A Introduction to Seismology Annually
SIOG 227B Advanced Seismology I Occasionally (next slated for SP24)
SIOG 227C Advanced Seismology II Occasionally
SIOG 228 Research Seminar Quarterly
SIOG 229 Fundamentals of Gravity and Geodesy Annually
SIOG 230 Introduction to Inverse Theory Biennially
SIOG 231 Introduction to EM Methods in Geophysics Biennially
SIOG 232 Ethical and Professional Science Annually
SIOG 233 Introduction to Computing at SIO Annually
SIOG 234 Geodynamics Annually
SIOG 235 Computational Inverse Problems Biennially
SIOG 236 Satellite Remote Sensing Annually
SIOG 237 Space Geodesy Annually
SIOG 240 Marine Geology Annually
SIOG 242 Rates and Dates: Application of Modern Geochronology Occasionally
SIOG 251 Whole Earth Geochemistry Occasionally
SIOG 252A Introduction to Isotope Geochemistry Annually
SIOG 260 Marine Chemistry Annually
SIOG 263 Aqueous Chemistry Annually
SIOG 267 Marine Chemistry Laboratory Occasionally
SIOG 268 Seminar in Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry Biennially
SIOG 270 Archaeology of Climate Change Occasionally
SIOG 275 Paleoethnobotany Occasionally (next slated for FA24)
SIOB 218 Ocean Law and Policy Annually
SIOB 242A Marine Biotechnology I: Tools and Methods Biennially
SIOB 242B Marine Biotechnology II: Applications Biennially
SIOB 242C Marine Biotechnology III: Introduction to Bioinformatics Biennially
SIOB 243 Ecological and Medicinal Aspects of Natural Products Biennially
SIOB 262 Marine Chemical Biology Seminar Quarterly
SIOB 265 Marine Chemical Ecology Occasionally
SIOB 269 IFER Forum Quarterly
SIOB 270 Pelagic Ecology Biennially
SIOB 271 Marine Zooplankton Occasionally
SIOB 272 Advanced Statistical Techniques Annually
SIOB 273 Professional Ethics in Science Biennially
SIOB 274 Natural History Below the Tide Occasionally
SIOB 275A Benthic Ecology Occasionally
SIOB 276 Quantitative Theory of Populations and Communities Annually
SIOB 276L Quantitative Ecology Project Lab Annually
SIOB 277 Deep-Sea Biology Biennially
SIOB 279 Ecology Seminar Quarterly
SIOB 280 Biological Oceanography Annually
SIOB 281 Marine Physiology Biennially
SIOB 282 Phytoplankton Diversity Biennially
SIOB 285 Physical-Biological Interactions Biennially
SIOB 291 Biology Graduate Research Presentations Quarterly
SIOB 294 Biology of Fishes Annually
SIOB 297 Marine Biology Seminar Quarterly
SIO 295S Introduction to Marine Biodiversity and Conservation—Seminar Annually
SIO 295 LS Introduction to Marine Biodiversity and Conservation—Lab Annually
MBC 258 Marine Conservation and Communication Practicum I Annually
MBC 259 Marine Conservation and Communication Practicum II Annually
CCS 101 Carbon Neutrality Initiative at University of California Annually
CCS 102 Research Perspectives on Climate Change Annually
CCS 123 Policy and Politics of Climate Change Annually
ESYS 10 Introduction to Environmental Systems Annually
ESYS 90 Perspectives on Environmental Issues Annually
ESYS 101 Environmental Biology Annually
ESYS 102 The Solid and Fluid Earth Annually
ESYS 103 Environmental Challenges: Science and Solutions Annually
ESYS 187A Senior Internship Project I Annually
ESYS 187B Senior Internship Project II Annually
ESYS 187C Environmental Systems Senior Seminar Annually