Earth Sciences (Minor)

**Effective Fall 2021, the Earth Science minor has been renamed to Geosciences with some accompanying changes to the curriculum. As a result, new students can no longer choose the Earth Science minor or follow the curriculum below, but can choose to enroll in the Geosciences minor. Students already in the Earth Sciences minor can continue to follow the curriculum below, or can switch into the new Geosciences minor. We encourage students to contact one of our department advisors on the Virtual Advisor to discuss which option makes the most sense for them.


A minor in Earth Sciences consists of twenty-eight units of earth sciences courses, at least twenty of which must be upper-division, focused on geology, geochemistry, or geophysics. A maximum of two courses for the minor may be taken on a Pass/Not Pass basis if the student's college permits. Students interested in the Earth Sciences minor should meet with the SIO academic advising staff to discuss their curriculum choices. 

Please note that all academic advising questions (for current students) are handled via the Virtual Advisor.