UCSD Parking Permits

Students who wish to park on the SIO campus during the day Monday through Friday or on the main UCSD campus at any time, must purchase a UCSD parking permit from the UCSD Parking Office

You must obtain the SIO supplemental parking permit, along your UCSD parking permit, in order to park in SIO lots.  The supplemental pass has no additional cost.  The supplemental pass should be requested when purchasing your UCSD parking permit.

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Bus Pass

Triton U-Pass is a UC San Diego universal transit pass program  that provides students unlimited rides on all regional MTS and NCTD mass transit bus and trolley/light rail routes during academic quarters.

Triton U-Pass is NOT valid for use with these services:

  • NCTD: Coaster Train, FLEX and LIFT
  • MTS: Rural Routes (888, 891, 892 and 894), Rapid Express Routes (currently 270, 280 and 290) and MTS Access
  • All current undergraduate and graduate students who have paid quarterly registration fees are eligible for U-Pass.
  • UC San Diego Extension students and visiting scholars are not eligible for the program.

More information on the U-Pass and a list of routes and buses.

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Shuttle Services

UCSD Transportation offers a shuttle service between the Scripps campus and the main UCSD campus as well as shuttles around the La Jolla area.

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Pedal Club

Any faculty, staff, or student who lives off-campus and does not hold a limited or annual parking permit may join the Pedal Club.

Pedal Club members must:

  1. Commit to cycling for most of your commutes to UC San Diego.
  2. Register your bicycle with the state of California and maintain a valid registration sticker ($6).

There are great incentives.

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Faculty, staff, and students who live off campus can participate in the carpool program. Undergraduates and Extension students must join during the first 6 weeks of the quarter.

There are great benefits.

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