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Scientists searching for meteorites in Antarctica

Scientists Find that Mars Likely Never had Global Magma Ocean
New research from Scripps Oceanography and the University of Arizona

Esteemed Scripps Climate Scientist Appointed as the Edward A. Frieman Presidential Chair in Climate Sustainability
Veerabhadran Ramanthan selected as inaugural holder of faculty chair that honors legacy of late Scripps director

Forecast map for the current year ending Sept. 30. Image: Mike Dettinger/CW3E

March Rains Fall Short of a Miracle but a Major Boost for Southern California, Some Help for the Sierras
Recent precipitation propels Southern California toward average; rest of state still behind

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explorations now | Ocean & Earth Science Magazine

The Predaceous Diving Beetle is found in Southern California. Photo: Peter Bryant, University of California Irvine

Voyager: Are there any aquatic beetle species?
Taavi B., 7, Coronado, Calif.

Pancake ice in Antarctica's Andvord Bay. Photo: Maria Stenzel

New Research is the First to Relate Antarctic Sea Ice Melt to Weather Change in the Tropics
Diminishing sea ice translates to warmer ocean, more rain, and stronger trade winds

Illustration: Naeblys/istockphoto

Earth’s Mantle, Not Its Core, May Have Generated Planet’s Early Magnetic Field
Scripps Oceanography researcher’s assertion bolstered by series of new studies

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Scripps Student Spotlight: Daniela Faggiani Dias
A PhD student hailing from Brazil seeks new ways to understand the mechanisms that enable scientists to make accurate climate predictions

Scripps Student Spotlight: India Dove
A recently-graduated marine biology student analyzes the changes in the population size structure of Nassau Grouper to assess their recovery from overexploitation

Scripps Student Spotlight: Daniel Yee
Scripps PhD student pursues research in molecular and cell biology of diatoms responsible for a large portion of the planet’s photosynthesis and oxygen production

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In Focus: Scripps Science NOW

Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

The center leverages experts in marine and atmospheric science; leaders in policy, sociology, and economics; and key representatives at all levels of government.

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