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Photo of the Week: Scripps Sunset
A dazzling winter sky accompanies a lone surfer

Images of marine invertebrate growth on plate installed off McMurdo Sound seafloor taken in 1974, 1989, and 2010

Research Highlight: How Marine Life Responds to Upheaval
Recent episode in Antarctica set off a chain of ecological events and offered a study in resilience

Research vessel Sally Ride at dock in front of orange, red and purple sunset

Photo of the Week: Sally Ride Sunrise
Scripps research vessel to shed light on monsoonal mysteries and more in 2019

From left, vocal kelp forest fishes plain midshipman, garibaldi, and bocaccio. Photos: Margaret Marchaterre, Ed Bierman, NOAA

Research Highlight: Monitoring Ocean Health Using Fish Sounds
Acoustic fish recordings could be less expensive way to monitor marine protected areas

Scripps graduate student Margaret Lindeman. Photo: Alex Hager

Scripps Student Spotlight: Margaret Lindeman
Oceanography graduate student is studying ice-ocean interactions in Greenland’s fjords