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Photo of the Week: Ladder to the Sea
Path to scientific diving course starts at Scripps PIer

Scripps grad student Chris Leber

Scripps Student Spotlight: Christopher Leber
Graduate student researches marine chemical ecology and marine natural products

Researchers gather sediment cores from Beaufort Sea during 2013 fieldwork. Photo: Lloyd Keigwin/WHOI

Research Highlight: Evidence of Ancient Abrupt Climate Change Found in Arctic
Sought for decades, the physical traces of a profound climate feedback event are located

Photo of the Week: A Certain Sensor
SCOOBY research group sets up gear on Taiwanese reef

Garfield Kwan

Around the Pier: Ocean Science Gets Its Own Comic Book
Fishes, crustaceans, and worms become comic book stars in 'Squidtoons: Exploring Ocean Science with Comics'