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Scripps graduate student Travis Courtney. Photo by Lark Starkey.

Scripps Student Spotlight: Travis Courtney
Geosciences graduate student is researching how climate change is affecting coral reef structures

Two spot octopus larva. Photo: Lilly McCormick

Research Highlight: Low Oxygen Levels Could Temporarily Blind Marine Invertebrates
First study to demonstrate vision in marine invertebrates is highly sensitive to the amount of oxygen in water

Yellow buoy carried on deck of motor vessel with Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Photo of the Week: Golden Voyage
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assists with buoy deployment

The seaweed Digenea simplex on the beach. Photo: Toshiaki Teruya/University of Ryukyus, Japan

Research Highlight: Scientists Develop New Production Method for Seaweed Chemical Used in Brain Research
Researchers find an affordable and effective way to produce kainic acid, an important natural chemical used by neuroscientists

Photo of the Week: Pier Discoveries
Birch Aquarium's Beach Science program offers students a new view of the ocean