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Composer Glenn McClure

Around the Pier: Giving the Ice a Voice
Composer brings sounds of Antarctic ice shelves to life with help of Scripps researchers

Female scientist celebrating on board a ship. Photo by Melissa Miller.

Photo of the Week: Celebrating Sediment
Researchers successfully deploy multi-corer aboard R/V Sally Ride

Research Highlight: First Nuclear Explosion Helps Test Theory of Moon’s Formation
Scripps-led study analyzed glasses found at Trinity nuclear test site

Scripps/UC San Diego researcher Isabel Rivera-Collazo.

Faculty Profile: Isabel Rivera-Collazo Joins Scripps and UC San Diego
New joint-hire Rivera-Collazo specializes in environmental archaeology, with cross-collaborative research bridging Scripps and Department of Anthropology

Parrotfsh, coral, and urchin fossils found in cored coral samples.

Video: Parrotfish Critical for Healthy Coral Reefs
Scripps scientists explain how the fossil record shows how important parrotfish are for controlling algae growth