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Scripps graduate student Alfredo Giron. Photo: Josh Stewart

Scripps Student Spotlight: Alfredo Giron
Oceanography graduate student is studying fishery sustainability in the Gulf of California

A Scientist’s Life: Kate Ricke
Modeler considers the social risks posed by climate change

Research Highlight: Study Suggests Which Feeds Could Work Best for Small-scale Freshwater Aquaculture
Scripps student worked with high school graduates in Malawi on local fish farming practices

Photo of the Week: Lost Ship Remembered
U.S. Navy honors crew of ship whose sunken stern was found by Project Recover

Rough seas during an April 2018 Southern Ocean transit. Photo: B. Jack Pan

Research Highlight: Ocean Warming Detected from Atmospheric Gas Measurements
Team led by Scripps and Princeton University scientists use oxygen, carbon dioxide measurements to infer ocean temperature increase