Latest explorations

Submerged wreckage of a U.S. Navy Curtiss SB2C Helldiver aircraft.

Around the Pier: Another Historic Find
Archival research and leading-edge technology lead oceanographers and not-for-profit organization to the site of a downed World War II aircraft

It's not always like this. La Jolla Shores, March 17, 2015

Around the Pier: Region’s Winter Beaches Widest in a Decade
Lack of storm activity has left sand supplies largely intact

Mooring recovery during T-TIDE

Video: T-TIDE leg 3 – Mooring recovery cruise
Scripps oceanographer Matthew Alford describes his research goals on the final leg of T-TIDE

Photo: Erik Jepsen

Around the Pier: Robert and Allison Price Give $6 Million to Birch Aquarium
Gift to Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography reflects Prices’ passion for changing way education is delivered to students from underserved areas

Pod of false killer whales makes rare appearance at Scripps. Photo: Michelle Robbins/NOAA

Photo of the Week: False Killer Whales off Scripps Pier
False Killer Whales off Scripps Pier

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