Latest explorations

San Diego coastline as seen from aircraft bearing instruments that make precision measurements of beach topography

Around the Pier: El Niño Beach Survey Provides Glimpse of What’s to Come for the Coast
Elevated sea level fed by warmer ocean could be the look of the future

Acoustic technology and a marine seep.

Research Highlight: Acoustic Technology Aids Scripps Scientists in Study of Marine Seeps
Novel use of acoustic recording package developed for marine mammals helps scientists monitor methane emissions in the North Sea

Scripps coastal oceanographer Sarah N. Giddings

A Scientist's Life: Sarah N. Giddings
Coastal oceanographer studies the changing nature of estuaries

Xenoturbella churro (top center), one of four new flatworm-like species found by scientists including Scripps's Greg Rouse

Research Highlight: Deep-Sea Churro Finds its Evolutionary Home
Genetic analysis by Scripps team correctly pinpoints species on the tree of life

Caught fish displayed at Venice Marina in Venice, La.

Research Highlight: Study Finds Toxic Pollutants in Fish Across the World’s Oceans
Scripps researchers’ analysis shows highly variable pollutant concentrations in fish meat

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