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The 2018 Woolsey Fire. Photo courtesy of Peter Buschmann

The Race to Stay Ahead of Wildfires
UC San Diego matches increased fire danger with improved monitoring capability

Kelp: The Next Superfood?
Adding this brown seaweed to your plate can help not only your health, but the planet’s as well

Photo: Marc Adams

Voyager: How are jellyfish connected to climate change?
Nicholas O., 10, San Diego, Calif.

U.S. and Indian scientists prior to July monsoon expedition in the Bay of Bengal. Photo: San Nguyen

Technological Feats Highlight Scripps Oceanography Monsoon Research
Scientists examine a weather phenomenon central to the lives of billions from multiple angles

Scripps Student Spotlight: Anai Novoa
Graduate student investigates the role and future of parasites when their hosts respond to climate change