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Scripps grad student Regina Guazzo

Scripps Student Spotlight: Regina Guazzo
Biological oceanography graduate student uses acoustic technology to study gray whale migration

Samples of phytoplankton collected by scientists in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica

Photo of the Week: Life under the Ice
Researchers investigate how iceberg calving affects Antarctic marine life

Photo of the Week: Crushed Ice
Collecting glacial ice to study fjord ecosystems in the Southern Ocean

A robot inspired by eels in a Birch Aquarium at Scripps tank. It is meant to be as non-invasive to natural habitats as possible.

Research Highlight: Transparent Eel-like Soft Robot Can Swim Silently Underwater
Scripps researcher bases optical properties of robot on those of eel larvae

Scripps CO2 Group Director Ralph Keeling in the lab

Video: How Scientists Measure Carbon Dioxide in the Air
A 60th anniversary tour of the process behind the Keeling Curve