Latest explorations

A sea lion on the beach south of Scripps Pier

Photo of the Week
Beached Sea Lion

Video: When Science and Sea Shanties Meet
A new music video from scientists studying the ocean's giant internal waves

A stand-up paddleboarder in the water at sunset

Around the Pier: Standing Up for Science
Scripps grad student Phil Bresnahan combines love for outdoor recreation and science through outreach program

NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory spacecraft, or DSCOVR, tops rocket set to lift off today. Photo: NASA/Kim Shiflett

Research Highlight: Satellite with Scripps-Designed Earth-Observing Science Payload Set for Launch
DSCOVR will take a non-stop look at sunlit side of Earth

Video: T-TIDE Internal Wave Study is Shakin' a Leg
First Leg of NSF-Sponsored Campaign Concludes

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