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Charles David Keeling and his namesake Keeling Curve

Around the Pier: New Keeling Curve Prize Inspired by Scripps Research Icon
Strategies sought to mitigate greenhouse gases

Magnetic loops gyrate above the sun, March 23-24, 2017. Photo: NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics Observatory

Research Highlight: Reduced Energy from the Sun Might Occur by Mid-Century. Now Scientists Know by How Much.
UC San Diego scientists review satellite observations of nearby Sun-like stars to estimate the strength of the next “grand minimum” period of diminished UV radiation

Photo of the Week: Super Blue Blood Moon
Rare spectacle at Scripps Pier

POGO-19 attendees gather at Scripps Seaside Forum lawn

Around the Pier: Top Ocean Research Organizations Develop Unified Voice at Scripps Meeting
Global research organization seeks to leverage technological advances to promote ocean protection

Pink sea urchins on the seafloor. Photo: NOAA/Ed Bowlby

Research Highlight: Tasty and Pink, Sea Urchin Species May Be a Climate-Tolerant Food Source
A hardy urchin species shows potential to relieve pressure on more vulnerable species, according to new research by California Sea Grant-funded scientists