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Head section of the lancelet, showing its natural fluorescence when exposed to blue light. Image: Dimitri Deheyn

Research Highlight: Nature’s Green Fluorescent Glow
Scripps researchers uncover a window into the evolutionary pathway of green fluorescent proteins

Gavin Newsom at Birch Aquarium

Photo of the Week
Lieutenant Governor Visits Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Scripps graduate student Andrew Mullen positions the Benthic Underwater Microscope to study coral competition.

In the News Now: Researchers Develop Novel Microscope to Study the Underwater World
Global coverage of a Scripps seafloor imaging system that captures microscopic view of a coral’s life

Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Research Highlight: Analysis of Satellite Data Confirms Simulated Cloud Trends
Scripps-led study confirms subtropical dry zones expanding, clouds rising in atmosphere

Video: "Climate Change: Strong Science, Forceful Actions, Positive Outcomes"
Acclaimed talk on the state of climate science and policy now available

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California Current Ecosystem LTER

The California Current Ecosystem LTER is investigating nonlinear transitions in the California Current coastal pelagic ecosystem.

R/V Sally Ride

Dispatches from the nation's newest research vessel