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Photo of the Week: Antarctic Radar
Collecting and analyzing detailed atmospheric and cloud data

Scientists research leopard seals in Antarctica.

Research Highlight: Peeking into the Underwater World of Leopard Seals
Scripps grad student uses Crittercam video to gain rare glimpse into the underwater foraging ecology of an Antarctic top predator

Servicing a seismic station in subzero temperatures and high winds. Photo courtesy of Spencer Niebuhr

From the Field: Chilean Tsunami Rocks Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf
Chance timing leads to first seismic observations of tsunami impacts on an ice shelf

Cold-water corals vulnerable to warming, acidification in Mediterranean canyons. Photo: N. Le Bris, LECOB, Fondation Total–UPMC

Around the Pier: Deep-Ocean Protections May Help Mitigate Climate Change
On the eve of major climate negotiations, researchers argue that potential for long-term damage to deep oceans requires international agreement to lessen human disturbances

Photo of the Week
Flying in Style

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