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Scripps graduate student Emily Wei.

Scripps Student Spotlight: Emily Wei
Geosciences graduate student uses research to unravel geological processes of the past

Photo of the Week: A sip of SODA
Taking a break from probing the Beaufort Sea

Scripps Hosts Public Events on Plastic Pollution

Scripps Hosts Public Events on Plastic Pollution
The Science of Plastic in the Sea and Solutions for Marine Plastic Pollution

Researchers cast a CTD rosette off the coast of Greenland as part of OSNAP field project. Photo: Isabela Le Bras

Photo of the Week: In the Land of Ice
Researchers cast a CTD amid Greenland Iceberg Field

The United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket launches with NASA's ICESat-2 satellite onboard. Photo: NASA/ Bill Ingalls

Around the Pier: NASA Launches World’s Most Advanced Ice-Measuring Satellite into Orbit
Glaciologist Helen Fricker and other Scripps scientists played a role in advising the ICESat-2 mission