Latest explorations

The Dalai Lama accepts a gift from Scripps Oceanography scientists Walter Munk and V. Ramanathan on his 80th birthday

Photo of the Week
Dalai Lama meets Sirsoe dalailamai

A fin whale off Southern California. Photo taken under NMFS Permit No. 727-1915.

Research Highlight: A Tale of Two Whales
Scripps-led study used acoustic data to provide the first detailed view of calling blue and fin whale distribution in the waters off Southern California

Marcia McNutt at Scripps Day 2010

Around the Pier: Scripps/UC San Diego Alumna Nominated to Lead National Academy of Sciences
Marcia McNutt offers a wealth of research and leadership experience to distinguished advisory organization

Photo credit: NASA

Research Highlight: Sea Currents and Wind Patterns in the Pacific Ocean Linked to Climate Change
Changes affect marine ecology and precipitation

A student accepts an award.

Around the Pier: Scripps Graduate Student Honored for Research Excellence
Hao Ye selected as 20th recipient of the annual Frieman Prize, a Scripps-given honor

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