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Estimated surface temperature trend 1967-2017. Data accessed from NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Sept. 18, 2017

Research Highlight: New Climate Risk Classification Created to Account for Potential “Existential” Threats
Researchers identify a one-in-20 chance of temperature increase causing catastrophic damage or worse by 2050

RV Sally Ride off Point Sal

Photo of the Week: Point of Discovery
Multi-ship Inner Shelf Dynamics projects continues off Point Sal

A Scientist’s Life: Andrew Barton
Marine ecologist considers diversity of plankton and their roles in ecosystems

Photo of the Week: I See Sea Spiders
Researchers load up for Inner Shelf Dynamics project

Mark Merrifield

Around the Pier: Sea-Level Rise Researcher to Lead Climate Center
Mark Merrifield to coordinate Scripps Oceanography’s effort to provide real-world response strategies to increasing climate instability