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Photo of the Week: Supporting Science at Sea
Undergraduates march for science aboard R/V Sproul

Photo of the Week: The Look of the Sound of the Sea
Student applies color and depth to marine mammal sounds

Young boy spins an outdoor art installation.

Around the Pier: Weather on Steroids Exhibit Merges Scripps Climate Science with Art
Artistic and scientific showcase on display at the La Jolla Historical Society through May 21

Computer programmer Cameron Beccario, creator of weather data visualization, at Scripps-hosted hackathon

Around the Pier: Scripps and XPRIZE Team Up to Host Ocean Data Hackathon
“We want data to be in the hands of the people who pay for it"

Biometeorologist Jennifer Vanos

A Scientist's Life: Jennifer Vanos
Biometeorologist is at intersection of weather and human health