Latest explorations

Red and blue research vessel sitting in drydock

Photo of the Week: All Decked Out
R/V Sally Ride sports a new coat of paint

April Stabbins and Lily Simons with unicorn shrimp mural

Photo of the Week: Larger Than Life
Tiny shrimp gets big mural during Costa Rica Margin Expedition

A Scientist’s Life: Tarik Benmarhnia
Climate change epidemiologist considers human health hazards

Octopus on ocean floor touches robotic arm

Photo of the Week: High Five at 500 Fathoms
Deep-sea octopus greets submersible Alvin

Two young students work with clay.

Around the Pier: Summer Programs at Sally Ride Science Designed to Inspire Youth
Scripps Oceanography researchers and grad students will serve as instructors, mentors for summer classes