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Photo of the Week: Going SOLO
Lab prepares flock of Argo floats for deployment

A gray wahle breaching. Photo: Alisa Schulman-Janiger

Research Highlight: Scientists Find Key Changes in Gray Whale Migration Routes off Southern California
Increasing numbers of gray whales migrating closer to shore could put whales at risk for ship strikes, entanglements, and pollution

Olive Rockfish (Sebastes serranoides) caught and released as part of the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program

Research Highlight: Early Results Suggest California Marine Protected Areas are a Success
Seven years after completion of network, rebounds of certain species seen

Photo of the Week: Beam Team
Scripps team uses sensor-laden drone to measure coastal erosion

Seen under the microscope, varied bits of plastic begin to accumulate in sediment after World War II

Research Highlight: Explosion in Plastic Pollution Post-World War II in Marine Sediments
Surge in microplastics could serve as marker for “the Great Acceleration”