Scripps Oceanography Brand Guidelines

This page features an overview of brand guidelines for UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography. A unified brand aids in how we position Scripps, creates consistent messaging for our broad audiences, and deploys a cohesive graphic system across print and online channels. Complete brand guidelines for UC San Diego are available here. For PowerPoint presentations, presentation backgrounds, and logos please visit our Brand Downloads page.


Official Scripps Logo

The logo is one of our most important brand assets. It symbolizes the institution’s global perspective of ocean, Earth, and atmospheric research and education. Proper logo usage will ensure uniformity and consistency, which are critical in reinforcing our identity. 

Horizontal Scripps Logo


Logo Components

Our logo represents two world renowned institutions: UC San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Our affiliation as a department within UC San Diego is an important differentiator as an earth science institution and lends credibility as a global research and education institution. UC San Diego may not be removed from this logo. 

Horizontal Scripps Logo

The logo must appear on the front and/or back of all printed material intended for internal and external audiences, as well as in the top bar on all Center, Program, and Lab websites.


Do not remove UC San Diego from the logo.

Do not change the typeface.
Do not attach other graphic elements to the logotype.
Do not stretch or change the proportions of the logotype.
Do not rearrange or overlap components of the logo.
Do not alter the weight of the logotype.

For any questions, contact Scripps Art Director Chris Toombs at

Logo Color

Always strive to use the full-color logo and globe. When using the logo over an image or dark background, the logotype should be reversed to white.

When single color printing is required special care should be taken to use the correct version. The logo can appear as one color in either PMS 2767 or black over a light background. The reverse version should be used when a white one-color logo is required over a dark background.

Do not change the color of the logo
Do not tint the logo.
Do not outline the logo.

Horizontal Scripps Logo

Horizontal Scripps Logo

Horizontal Scripps Logo

Horizontal Scripps Logo



Logo Size

The logotype and rule line must always maintain the same size relation. The preferred logo width for use on the front of a typical printed piece is 3 inches, but will vary when used on especially small or large formats. The logo may appear smaller in secondary applications, as on the back of a printed piece.

All Center, Program, and Lab websites must include the official logo at the top of the page. The minimum logo width for all web and digital applications is 300 pixels. Please contact for assistance with adding the correct logo on the top bar of your website. 

Horizontal Scripps Logo


Clear Space

The logo requires an appropriate amount of space around it. The clear space around the logo should be a minimum of the height of the "U" left and right and the “O” top and bottom. No text, graphics, or other elements should appear in this space.

Horizontal Scripps Logo


Trademark Requirements

All promotional products that contain the UC San Diego logo and/or name require a trademark. This includes apparel and conference giveaways. Certified vendors must be used and your project will not be approved by campus licensing officers if the incorrect logo is used. If you are planning on creating a promotional item, reach out to Scripps Art Director Chris Toombs ( for the proper logo usage. 


Website Logo Requirements

All Scripps Oceanography Center, Program, and Lab websites are required to display the official UC San Diego Scripps logo prominently on their website, ideally at the top of the page. The site name is typically displayed on the left and the campus logo on the right. Email for assistance. 


Written Use of Scripps Institution of Oceanography Name

For more information on the official use of the university name, and proper written use of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Birch Aquarium at Scripps, visit the editorial Style Guide. University of California also has policies about the use of the university name here

Visit our brand downloads page for a full set of logos.



Photography is the key visual driver of our brand and follows UC San Diego’s robust photography guidelines. Scripps Communications has a catalog of photographs available to the Scripps community through an online portal. You must create an account to and adhere to all credit requirements to access the full catalog. 

View the full catalog 

Scripps’ photographic library was built in collaboration with students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested in documenting your fieldwork, lab, or class, please reach out to the Scripps communications department at for assistance in arranging professional photo and video shoots. Scripps communications also offers a DSLR and GoPro lending program for students, faculty, and researchers. If you are interested in taking a camera out on your next trip email



From the bright blue sky to the deep blue sea, no color better represents our coastal campus. Built from the larger UC San Diego brand palette our color reshuffle is inspired by our location and technology-driven campus. 

Along with color, white space and photography are key design elements of our brand and should always be considered when choosing colors.


Primary colors

Pantone 3015
C100 M35 Y3 K21
R0 G98 B155
Pantone 2767
C100 M86 Y42 K42
R24 G43 B73

Secondary colors used for call to actions and emphasis 

Pantone 3115
C70 M0 Y16 K0
R0 G198 B215
Pantone 116
C0 M14 Y100 K0
R255 G205 B0

Accent colors should be used sparingly 

Pantone 7490
C60 M23 Y92 K5
R110 G150 B59
Pantone 3945
C3 M0 Y90 K0
R243 G229 B0
Pantone 144
C0 M51 Y100 K0
R252 G137 B0


Neutrals often used for backgrounds and text. 

Pantone Gray 9
C30 M22 Y17 K57
R116 G:118 B120
Pantone 401
C10 M11 Y17 K27
R182 G177 B169

Download RGB and CMYK pallets on our brand downloads page.



Brix Sans

Brix Sans is suitable for all kinds of text, from headlines to body copy. Brix should be your first choice for most uses. For effective hierarchy and pleasing contrast, try incorporating contrasting weights—black and extra light, for instance.

Brix is available for purchase from If you cannot obtain a license for Brix, If you do not have access to Brix Sans, Source Sans Pro is our recommended alternate. Source Sans Pro can be downloaded from Google Fonts. If you cannot download Source Sans, Myriad Pro or Calibri (both available through commonly used software) may be used as a last resort; however, these are not recommended for use on external-facing materials.

Brix Sans Font Family

brix sans family