Laboratory Safety

A safe research environment begins with hazard awareness and risk management. Safety training is required for anyone who works in or uses a research lab, instrument development shop, test facility or other space at UC San Diego where workplace hazards exist. This includes researchers, faculty, post-docs, students (graduates and undergrads), staff research associates, visiting scientists, and volunteers. The following listing will get you started. 

Principal Investigators   

Getting Started​

Requirements & Training


Laboratories are defined as a facility where the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals occurs. It is a workplace where relatively small quantities of hazardous chemicals are used on a non-production basis. Use or manipulation of biological or unsealed radiological materials would also qualify for this designation.       

Required Training:

Technical Research Areas

Technical Research Areas are defined as research spaces where no biological or radiological materials are used, and chemical usage is minimal. For example, small quantities of solvents or other materials are used to maintain or clean equipment.

Required Training:

Research-Specific Requirements


Inspections of all spaces are coordinated with both the EH&S Inspector and Scripps Safety Coordinator.

Environment, Health, and Safety Contacts for SIO

  • Biosafety
    • Sheryl Major, Campus Biosafety Officer Officer
    • (858) 822-2493 |
  • ​Birch Aquarium
    • Danilo Flores, Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist
    • (858) 226-5431 |
  • Chemical Safety
  • Controlled Substances
    • Wendy Scott, Campus Controlled Substances Program Manager
    • (858) 534-1362 |
  • Fire Marshal
    • Chuck Weber, Interim Campus Fire Marshal
    • (858) 534-7525 |
  • ​General Safety​ 
  • Laser Safety
    • Trung Le, Laser Safety Officer and Health Physicist
    • (858) 822-2850 |
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program
  • Radiation Safety
  • SIO Research Assistance Program (Lab Audits)
    • Tiffany Cai, Research Assistance Specialist
    • (858) 534-3721 |
  • SIO Shop and Off-site Research Location Compliance
  • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Mark Gonzales, Hazardous Materials Operations Supervisor
    • (858) 822-2737 |