Outreach Opportunities

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Scripps is fortunate to have its own interpretive center, Birch Aquarium at Scripps (BAS), which serves as a primary outlet for outreach at Scripps and specializes in creating innovative exhibits and programs that translate Scripps science for the public. Scripps outreach professionals facilitate and support academic collaboration with BAS, as well as other outreach focused organizations both within and outside of the University. Many of these organizations focus on engaging groups traditionally underrepresented in science. Outreach activities are often used as a means of satisfying NSF or other funding agency requirement for “broader impact” statements.

Scripps Educational Alliances

If you are interested in being involved in Scripps outreach programs, contact Cheryl Peach, Director, Scripps Educational Alliances This office provides information on a variety of outreach opportunities, support for preparation of broader impact sections of proposals, letters of recommendation documenting outreach contributions, and a variety of additional outreach related services and training.

Guidance on participating in outreach can be found in Education and Public Outreach: A Guide for ScientistsThis document was originally produced by the NSF funded Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence in collaboration with The Oceanography Society, the guide has recently been updated and contains information that is relevant across a broad range of science disciplines. Feedback on the latest version of the guide is welcome (please send comments to magazine@tos.org).  The EPO Guide is a living document that will be updated periodically based on community input and as new resources and information become available. 

Scripps Community Outreach for Public Education

Scripps also has an active and well-organized volunteer organization, Scripps Community Outreach for Public Education (SCOPE). SCOPE engages Scripps community members in showcasing research conducted at Scripps through pier and lab tours, classroom visits, and other activities both on and off of the Scripps campus. Volunteering through SCOPE is an excellent way to learn and practice science communication skills.