Scripps Community Outreach for Public Education (SCOPE)

SCOPE is back in-person! WE are currently offering limited in-person events, while continuing to offer virtual meet & greets.


Check out the "Schedule an event" page for more information. You can also access virtual versions of our most popular tours on the "Educational videos" page.


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Scripps Community Outreach for Public Education (SCOPE) is a student-led, volunteer-driven, outreach program at a primarily research-focused institution. SCOPE started as a grassroots movement dedicated to engendering change through public education, beginning in 2001. We specialize in connecting groups in the general public directly with the incredible science conducted here at Scripps!

Connecting graduate students and researchers directly with the public renews enthusiasm and respect for the environment and the scientific process. Additionally, this model provides an avenue for scientists to share their work, engage broader audiences, and improve their informal science communication skills. SCOPE has earned praise from participants and successfully expanded outreach and educational services to local and global communities through Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the two decades of program operation. Moving forward, SCOPE aims to further develop STEM outreach opportunities, especially for underserved students, and to incorporate content in creative ways which allow communities to experience research at Scripps. SCOPE thus serves as a tractable model for a successful outreach organization that may be replicated at other STEM research institutions to the benefit of both the researchers and their broader communities.


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If you want to learn how you can replicate SCOPE's outreach model at your institution, check out our open-access publication in the journal Connected Science Learning.


Check out this Plainspoken Scientist blog post written by coordinators Kelli Mullane and Shailja Gangrade to learn more about SCOPE and its impact, and read more about SCOPE celebrating two decades of scientific outreach success in this news story.


Below is a short news story about SCOPE covered by CBS8, Innovate 8.


The SCOPE logo was designed and created by Garfield Kwan.