Awards and Honors

Lisa Levin accepts the Prince Albert I Grand Medal in Monaco.
Lisa Levin accepts the Prince Albert I Grand Medal in Monaco.


Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego scientists have been the recipients of the world’s most prestigious awards, not only for their research but for their efforts toward humanitarian goals. A number of awards conferred by Scripps Oceanography similarly acknowledge scientific achievement as well as work toward the betterment of society and the natural world.

AAAS Fellows

Ronald Burton (2013)

Cathy Constable (2017)

Paul Dayton (1985)

David Epel (1978)

Konstantine Georgakakos (2016)

Miriam Kastner (1992)

Gerald Kooyman (1978)

Lisa Levin (1994)

John McGowan (1990)

Jean-Bernard Minster (2013)

John Ogden (1997)

Mark Ohman (2014)

David Sandwell (2020)

Jeffrey Severinghaus (2012)

Kenneth Smith (1990)

George Somero (1977) 

Richard Somerville (1993)

Lynne Talley (2016)

Lisa Tauxe (2011)

Maria Vernet (2018)

Kenneth Watson (1985)

Ray Weiss (2006)


AGU Fellows

Laurence D. Armi 

Daniel R. Cayan

Steven Constable 

Michael D. Dettinger

Helen Amanda Fricker 

Joris Gieskes 

Sarah T. Gille 

Ralph F. Keeling 

Gabi Laske

Margaret Leinen 

Lisa A. Levin

Pinkel Robert

Lynn Russell

Jeffrey P. Severinghaus

Richard C.J. Somerville 

Shang-Ping Xie 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Meinrat Andreae (2013)

Farooq Azam (2016)

Vicki Grassian (2020)

Jeremy Jackson (2001)

Charles Kennel (1999)

Margaret Leinen (2020) 

Kimberly Ann Prather (2010)

Veerabhadran Ramanathan (1995)

Richard Salmon (1996)

David T. Sandwell (2008)

Lynne Talley (2003)

Lisa Tauxe (2016)

BBVA Foundation

Veerabhadran Ramanathan (2016)

Jeremy Jackson (2007)

Blue Planet

Charles Keeling (1993)

The Crafoord Prize in Geosciences

Walter Munk (2010)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Franklin Award

Lisa Tauxe (2014)

The Franklin Institute

Kyoto Prize

Walter Munk (1999)

National Academy of Engineering Members

William A. Kuperman

John Orcutt

Kimberly Prather

Dean Roemmich

John Dove Isaacs*

William Aaron Nierenberg*

Fred Noel Spiess*


National Academy of Engineering

National Academy of Sciences Members

George Edward Backus

John Crowell

Paul Crutzen

Russ E. Davis

Jeremy Jackson

Charles F. Kennel

Mario J. Molina

Kimberly Prather

Veerabhadran Ramanathan

David Sandwell

John G. Sclater

Jeffrey P. Severinghaus

Peter Shearer

George N. Somero

Lisa Tauxe

Kenneth Watson

William Young

James Arnold*

Andrew Benson*

Milton Nunn Bramlette*

Edward Crisp Bullard*

Theodore Holmes Bullock*

Charles Cox*

Harmon Craig*

Carl Henry Eckart*

Walter Maurice Elsasser*

Albert Edward John Engel*

Edward Frieman*

James Freeman Gilbert*

Edward D. Goldberg*

Carl Leavitt Hubbs*

John Dove Isaacs*

Charles David Keeling*

Devendra Lal*

Henry William Menard*

John Wilder Miles*

Walter Munk*

Jerome Namias*

William Aaron Nierenberg*

Roger Revelle*

Per Frederik Scholander*

Francis Bertody Sumner*

Harold Ulrik Sverdup*


National Academy of Sciences

National Medal of Science

Charles David Keeling* (2001)

Walter Munk* (1983)

Roger Revelle* (1990)


National Science & Technology Medals Foundation

Nobel Prize

Paul Crutzen - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)

Mario J. Molina - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Nobel Peace Prize (2007)

Nobel Foundation

Prince Albert I Grand Medal

Lisa Levin (2019)

Wolfgang Berger (1991)

Gifford Ewing (1961)

Royal Society


Guy Masters (2005)

John Sclater (1982)

Robert Parker (1989)

Devendra Lal* (1979)

Foreign Members

Paul Crutzen (2006)

Walter Munk* (1976)


Fellowship of the Royal Society

Tang Prize

Veerabhadran Ramanathan (2018)

Tyler Prize

Paul Crutzen (1989)

Edward Goldberg (1989)

Charles Keeling (2005)

Mario Molina (1983)

Veerabhadran Ramanathan (2009)

Roger Revelle (1984)

Awards Given by Scripps

Biochemist Jennifer Doudna presents the 2019 Nierenberg Lecture
Biochemist Jennifer Doudna presents the 2019 Nierenberg Lecture at Scripps Seaside Forum.


Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego recognizes important work in the scientific community through a variety of awards and prize to faculty, researchers, students, and friends.

Amici cum Laude

Moore Family Foundation (2013)

Cody Award

 Laurie Reisberg (2021)

Frieman Prize

Katherine Bauman (2022)

Keeling Memorial Lecture

Park Williams (2022)

Nierenberg Prize

Jesse Ausubel (2022)

Ritter Memorial Fellowship

Danielle Inkpen (2020)

Roger Revelle Prize

Prince Albert II of Monaco (2009)

Rosenblatt Lectureship

David Jablonski (2019)

Teaching Excellence Awards

Sarah Aarons (Graduate, 2021-22)

Anela Choy (Undergraduate, 2021-22)