Amici cum Laude Award

The Amici cum Laude Award was created in 1996 to formally recognize those who have provided extraordinary friendship and support to Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. It is the highest honor the institution can bestow on its supporters from the community. Recipients receive special certificates of appreciation and honor. These awards are given on occasion by the Scripps director.


  • 2013 Moore Family Foundation
  • 2011 Ellen Lehman
  • 2010 Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation
  • 2009 G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
  • 2008 Robert Scripps
  • 2007 Ellen C. Revelle*
  • 2006 Bill Scripps
  • 2004 Fred and Nancy Borrelli, Rick and Tory Gulley, and Alex* and Diane Szekely (E.W. Scripps Associates founders)
  • 2003 The Scripps Family
  • 2002 Lou Simpson
  • 2001 Kathleen L. Healy
  • 1999 Cecil H. Green*
  • 1998 Richard Harden and Maurice and Charmaine Kaplan*
  • 1997 Charlie and Mary Louise* Robins
  • 1996 Bob and Bettie Cody*

*These generous award recipients are no longer living, however their legacy continues at Scripps.