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Marine stratocumulus clouds off the California coast. Photo: Pascal Polonik

Artificial Climate Controls Might Become Ineffective – Because of Climate Change

Cloud brightening cooling strategy stops working in models when natural systems respond to relentless warming

Time to Celebrate the Graduating Class of 2024!

Graduates look back on their time at Scripps Oceanography, sharing where the next wave on their journey will take them

StartBlue Cohort 3 with program leaders and mentors at Demo Day 2024

Blue Technology Startups Turn Concept into Reality at UC San Diego

StartBlue accelerator program supports businesses advancing San Diego’s Blue Economy

Trinidad Head AGAGE station which contributes N2O measurements. Photo: Backyard-Photography/istockphoto

Study Finds Nitrous Oxide Emissions Grew 40% over 40 Years, Accelerating Climate Change

Study Finds Nitrous Oxide Emissions Grew 40% over 40 Years, Accelerating Climate Change

Joris Gieskes: 1934-2024

Joris Gieskes: 1934-2024

Marine chemist with near-60-year affiliation with Scripps remembered as beloved mentor, colleague

Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) Jungfraujoch station in Switzerland, which was used to make measurements in this research. Photo:

Research Signals Milestone in Cutting Gases that Deplete Ozone Layer

Development also a step toward climate change mitigation

Dariusz Stramski. Photo: Iwona Swiatkiewicz

Renowned Scripps Scientist Receives Elite Recognition in Oceanography

Dariusz Stramski awarded Nils Gunnar Jerlov Medal

Views from the Forefront of Climate Action

Alumna Kim Cobb is a leader in climate change research and action

Profile photo of David G. Moore

David G. Moore: 1925-2024

Marine geologist and expert on seafloor sediments used pioneering methods to study the continental shelf

CTD instrument on a ship

Study Illuminates Previously Unknown Ocean Mercury Pathway

Team describes source of the heavy metal that poses a danger to human health

Scripps Student Spotlight: Arnel Orig

Former United States Navy diver and current MAS MBC student turns dreams into reality at Scripps

A rainbow frames NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory, located on the Big Island of Hawai’i, in this 2021 photo. Photo: Brian Vasel, NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory

During Year of Extremes, Carbon Dioxide Levels Surge Faster than Ever

Two-year increase in Keeling Curve peak is largest on record

A Scientist’s Life: Clarissa Anderson

Biological oceanographer predicts ocean hazards and creates a more informed public

Image: Philip Hoeppli/iStockPhoto

Scripps Oceanography, UC Santa Barbara Lead $9.5 Million Research Project on Ocean Cycles

Project among five joining Ocean Biogeochemistry Virtual Institute (OBVI)

cloud system in Jupiter's northern hemisphere photographed by Juno spacecraft, 2017

Using Oceanography To Understand Fronts and Cyclones on Jupiter

Analysis of NASA satellite images of cyclones on Jupiter reveals that the storms are fueled by processes similar to those acting on Earth

2024 Scripps-GEO Scholars and program leaders

NSF-Funded Program Advances Geosciences Opportunities for Community College Students

Semester-long research experience at Scripps Oceanography educates the next generation of scientific leaders

Glenn Ierley: 1952-2024

Glenn Ierley: 1952-2024

Teacher and mentor contributed to geophysics, oceanography and more

A cross-polarized light image of the Nakhla meteorite. At the top of the image is the fusion crust, formed as the meteorite fell through Earth’s atmosphere. Image is about 4 cm across.

Martian Meteorites Deliver a Trove of Information on Red Planet’s Structure

The nature of Mars’ mantle and crust is revealed in its volcanic rocks

Spreading the Love for Planet Earth

Scripps alumna Rosina Garcia shares passion for planet through her work at California natural history museum

Scripps Student Spotlight: Lena Stasiak

MAS MBC student explores environmental DNA to support sea turtle conservation efforts

UC San Diego-Led Science Teams Selected as Finalists for NASA Science Missions to Understand Our Changing Climate

Each team will receive $5 million to conduct concept studies for new satellites

Photo: Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego

Levin, Talley Named New National Academy of Science Members

Scripps Oceanography distinguished emerita researchers among five from UC San Diego recently honored

Profile of a smiling man surrounded by plants

Scripps Student Spotlight: Austin Barnes

PhD student investigates coastal impacts of sea-level rise to help address climate-related issues in Hawai‘i

A sea star embryo imaged on a confocal microscope, showing cell membranes in gray and nuclei in cyan

Study Pinpoints Cellular Response to Pressure in Sea Star Embryos

Cells take up an unusual geometrical shape in response to pressure

DDT Pollutants Found in Deep Sea Fish off Los Angeles Coast

As the region reckons with its toxic history of offshore dumping, the new findings raise troubling questions about whether the banned pesticide remains a threat to wildlife and human health

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