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LeRoy Dorman 1938-2024

LeRoy Dorman, 1938-2024

Pioneered study of seismic structure of ocean floor

Women making waves at Scripps Oceanography

Women Making Waves at Scripps Oceanography

Scripps Oceanography recognizes Women’s History Month 2024

Students explore the tidepools

A Deep Dive into Undergraduate Classes at Scripps

Scripps offers unique undergraduate courses in earth, atmospheric, and marine sciences to educate the next generation of scientific and environmental leaders

New Fish Species Discovered at Remote Islands Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Species is a wrasse found living among volcanic rubble in Mexico’s Revillagigedo Archipelago

Scripps Student Spotlight: Dylan Shafer

Undergraduate student examines sea surface temperature data and its relationship to sea ice formation

A drying lake near Ensenada, Mexico, 2019. Photo: Photo Beto/istockphoto

Study: Projected Changes in Extreme Precipitation Over Northern Mexico

Study finds that this understudied region may experience significant climate changes, impacting agriculture, the economy and infrastructure

Fire bears down on Los Angeles. Photo: ekash/istockphoto

Extreme Heat, Wildfires Combine to Disproportionately Harm Less Affluent and Communities of Color

California ZIP code-scale survey exposes need for rethinking of public policy, say researchers

Larsen A embayment in the Antarctic Peninsula

New Paper Pinpoints Key Role of NASA Satellites in Monitoring Earth's Vital Signs

All-woman team of researchers shows how 20 years of laser-based observations have improved our understanding of a changing planet

Tyler Valdes in front of a floral bush

Energizing the Environmental Justice Movement

MAS Climate Science and Policy alum Tyler Valdes advocates for progressive environmental policy in California

A researcher leads a group of citizen scientists in Antarctica.

Scripps Scientists Journey to Antarctica to Study Key Climate Questions and More

Scripps Oceanography researchers are investigating Earth’s climate history, ice loss, phytoplankton, and marine food webs this field season

Scripps Student Spotlight: Charlotte Bellerjeau

Physical oceanography PhD student uses engineering and science to better understand how the ocean moves and mixes

Headshot of Kimberly Prather

UC San Diego Atmospheric Chemist Receives Prestigious National Academy of Sciences Award

Kimberly Prather recognized for pioneering work on atmospheric aerosols

Members of the Scripps Oceanography contingent at COP28. Mitchell Chandler (third from left, back row) discussed the Argo network in the Ocean Pavilion during the event.

Everything Everywhere All At Once At COP28

A Scripps delegate reflects on the recent global climate change negotiations held in Dubai

Green-tinged image of a barrel-shaped object sitting on end on ocean floor.

Second Seafloor Survey of Dumpsite off Coast of Southern California Completed

Researchers mapped 135 square miles, found high volume of discarded military munitions

Ecosystem Benefits to Humanity Expected to Decline by Nine Percent by 2100

Nature’s Benefits to Decrease as Climate Change Shifts Ecosystems Across Borders

Dovi Kacev with Scripps Pier in the background.

A Scientist’s Life: Dovi Kacev

Shark researcher schools students about marine ecosystems

Scripps Student Spotlight: Kara Wiggin

PhD student researches how microplastic pollution in the ocean interacts with human health

Flooding in Sunamganj in the Sylhet Division of northeastern Bangladesh in June 2022.

Three Decades of Data In Bangladesh Show Elevated Risk of Infant Mortality In Flood-Prone Areas

The findings reveal the long term public health burden of environmental hazards that are predicted to worsen under climate change

Artist's rendition of the SWOT satellite

Science to Watch: SWOT

Oceanographers are raving about a new tool that redefines how we understand ‘sea level.’ Here’s why.

school of anchovies

Study Proposes New Explanation for California Anchovy Booms and Busts

Despite the ecological and economic importance of anchovy off California, their population’s characteristic rises and falls have remained mysterious for decades

New Report Confirms Benefits of FIRO Strategy in Enhancing Water Management at Prado Dam

Improved atmospheric river forecasts show to enable more groundwater storage

Scripps Awarded 5-Year, $6.5 Million NOAA Geospatial Modeling Grant

The award will fund the creation of an academic track in the field of geodesy, and the modernization of a key U.S. spatial database

Hand-made seaweed lantern and Seaweed Speakeasy event schedule with the ocean in the background

Scripps Oceanography Celebrates Seaweed Diversity in California

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps hosts Seaweed Speakeasy as part of the 2023 California Seaweed Festival

CTD underwater

Scientists Publish 37-Year Record of Ocean Acidification off Southern California

The longest ocean time series of dissolved carbon dioxide in the Pacific — part of the “Keeling Curve of the ocean” — is revealed

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