Permanent scientific equipment

Removable Lab Van     Primarily Computer and dry lab space
Sub-Bottom Profiler Knudsen 320 B 3.5 / 12 Digital Echo Sounder
ADCP TRDI Ocean Surveyor 150  
XBT Sippican MK 12   Digital
Underway Data System     Meteorological and Seasurface Data


Use of isotopes is prohibited in ship's laboratories. Isotope isolation vans are available by request. 


Other equipment and technical services available on cruise-specific basis.

Vans: Can carry three 20 foot vans on main deck, and one on upper deck.

Communications: VHF, voice, HF radio voice only. Cellular telephone voice and FAX, INMARSAT C data capability. 
In-port San Diego phone number: (858) 534-1649

Limited email service is available via satellite cellular telephone. Contact the captain for details.

Unusual features: This is a left-handed ship (the laboratories are on the starboard side, so that all work is done over the port side or the stern).

Future planned upgrades/refits: We make steady upgrades to the ship, as time and funds are available. Replace computer laboratory van on 01 level. Continued improvements to underway meteorological and sea surface data acquisition system. Mid-life refit is in the planning process.