Lebus double-barrel capstan with spooling stand

DESCRIPTION: The Lebus double-barreled capstan is a system used for deploying and recovering oceanographic moorings. It consists of four major components: a double-barreled capstan, a take-up reeler, a hydraulic power unit (HPU), and a control station.

The capstan features two hydraulically powered, horizontally mounted, cantilevered warping drums; they’re mounted one above the other. Each drum is fitted with a brake that remains engaged unless hydraulic power is provided to turn the drums. The capstan has fairleads serving to guide lines onto and off of the warping drums. The topmost warping drum may be slewed using a hydraulic hand pump to adjust the spacing of the line on the warping drums.

The take-up spooler holds a single reel on a horizontal, hydraulically driven arbor. The arbor applies torque to the spool to supply a constant tension, or tail-hold, to mooring lines as they’re spooled off the reel and onto the capstan (and vice versa). The take-up spooler also features a hydraulically driven levelwind to evenly wind lines onto the reel.

The HPU contains all the machinery necessary to convert a ship’s electrical power to the hydraulic power required to operate the capstan and take-up reel. It features the gauges, indicators, and alarms needed to determine the system’s operating state, and pushbuttons for starting and stopping its electric motor. The HPU is connected to the capstan and take-up spooler via hydraulic hoses with quick disconnect couplings.

The control station is the system’s primary human-machine interface. It also features the gauges, indicators, and alarms needed to determine the system’s operating state. It has pushbuttons for turning the HPU on and off. It has a control lever used to make the capstan pay out or haul in line. It is connected to the HPU via an electric cable.

APPLICATION(S): This system is used exclusively for deploying and recovering oceanographic moorings.

SPECIFICATIONS: see link to specification sheet below

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Lebus, capstan & HPU
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