Dynacon Traction Winch at sea, standard shipboard configuration (HPU not shown).

DESCRIPTION: The Dynacon Traction Winch (DTW) system is a cable-handling system designed to deploy, tend, recover, and store up to 10,000 meters (32,810 feet) of 17.29 mm (0.681 inch) fiber-optic cable.  The DTW system performs all pulling and storage functions associated with the umbilical.  Principal components in the DTW system include a traction winch, levelwind, storage winch, and electro-hydraulic power unit (HPU).  Other assemblies include local and remote controls with line in/out, speed, and tension displays, and instrumented overboarding sheaves.  Two sets of electro-optical sliprings typically deploy with the DTW when loaded with conducting or F/O cables.  The DTW system is a mobile, self-contained winch system that can be installed on ships of opportunity.  The system typically travels in two 20-foot open-top ocean freight containers (or on two flatbed trailers) when the drum is loaded.  When the drum is empty, the system can travel in one 40-foot open-top container.  An SIO technician attends deployment for shipboard installation and testing, and to train shipboard operators.  The SIO technician returns at the off-loading port to demobilize the system and supervise packing for return shipment.

APPLICATION(S): The DTW system is typically used for deep sea deployment of ROV’s and other instruments requiring power or F/O service.  The system can also accommodate 9/16 inch mechanical cable for dredging, coring, and mooring applications.  Synthetic or soft lines can be accommodated for deep coring and other unique applications.

SPECIFICATIONS: see link to specification sheet below

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: requires SIO technician to mobilize/de-mobilize; shipboard operators trained during mobilization.

Links to:

DTW Specifications (Quick Reference)

DTW Components & Dimensions

DTW General Assembly Drawings

DTW Overboarding Sheave, Instrumented

Maximum Capacity Document (MCD): coming soon


DTW, Storage Drum, bare


DTW, Traction Winch & Levelwind, rear view
DTW, Operational Configuration


DTW, Operational Configuration
DTW, Operational Configuration


DTW, loaded with synthetic line for deep coring operation
DTW, loaded with synthetic line for deep coring operation
DTW, instrumented overboarding sheave