Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) Requirement

Access restrictions at the Scripps Nimitz Marine Facility

The Nimitz Marine Facilty (MarFac) is required by the U.S. Coast Guard to implement the Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) program.

Anyone working within the secure waterfront area at MarFac must posses a TWIC card. The secure waterfront area includes the wharf, pier, machine shop, and technical support mobilization center.

If you do not have a TWIC card, you may obtain one at the San Diego TWIC office.

Visiting any other area at MarFac does not require a TWIC card.  The administrative offices of Ship Operations & Marine Technical Support staff can all be reached without a TWIC card.

Frequently asked questions:

How will TWIC effect operations at MarFac?

As of December 30, 2008:

  • Persons needing access the the waterfront and/or ships will continue to be identified and badged by the MarFac guards upon presentation of a government-issued ID and a valid reason for entering;
  • Only those persons in possession of a valid TWIC will be granted unescorted access;
  • A TWIC holder may escort as many as 10 non-TWIC holders (they must enter the gate together);
  • Anyone without a TWIC and unaccompanied by a TWIC holder must wait outside of the waterfront for a TWIC holder to escort them into the waterfront;
  • Within the waterfront and non-restricted areas of the ships, the TWIC-holding escort is responsible for the non-TWIC holding persons under his/her charge and must monitor these persons in a manner sufficient to determine that the non-TWIC holders are engaged in the activities for which access was granted.

Who needs a TWIC? 

  • Scientists.  TWIC-holding members of scientific parties can and should serve as escorts for non-TWIC-holding scientific personnel.
  • Crew members.  DHS-TSA requires that all USCG-documented mariners hold a valid TWIC by 15 April, 2009.
  • SIO staff.  Any technical, support or facilities staff requiring access to the waterfront or ships should get a TWIC. 
  • Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers. If you have business at MarFac you are strongly encouraged to acquire a TWIC.  This will facilitate quicker access to the facility and ships.  Drivers of delivery vehicles should also acquire TWICs.Without a TWIC, you will be delayed at the gate until a TWIC-holder from the ship or facility can break away to serve as an escort.  For contractors who need access to restricted areas aboard ship (such as the Bridge or engineering spaces), the escort ratio is 1:5.  Escorting in restricted areas aboard ship will be provided by vessel crew members.

MarFac personnel will do our best to support SIO and other scientists working in the secure areas of our facility (which includes vessels tied up at MarFac).  However, we do not have the staff support to regularly provide escorts to visitors. For this reason, we ask that all visitors to MarFac carry their own TWIC cards.

Who does not need a TWIC?

Law enforcement officials and some federal officials do not need a TWIC for unescorted access to MarFac. For details, see:

All who enter must possess correct agency/department credentials and/or a Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) in accordance with 33 CFR 101.515(c).

How To Obtain A TWIC

Visit the San Diego TWIC enrollment center.  To make your visit to the TWIC office more efficient, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the TWIC web site regarding pre-enrollment and scheduling an appointment:

TWIC enrollment costs $132.50.  The UCSD Accounting Office has ruled that TWIC costs may be charged proportionally to federal grants for which TWIC access is required.

You will need to make two trips to the TWIC office, the first to have your picture taken and your identification documents scanned, and the second to enter biometric information onto the computer chip in your card.

Directions to the San Diego TWIC office

Maps, times of operation, and detailed directions for San Diego enrollment centers are available on the Enrollment Center Locator web site:

Can other forms of identification be substituted for a TWIC?

If you have a government-issued ID card that is HSPD-12 compliant, you may use it in lieu of a TWIC card. For example, a recently-issued United States Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) may be used. Note that older CAC cards may not be HSPD-12 compliant, so you should check before bringing it to MarFac.

For more information on Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), follow this link.