We maintain many kinds of equipment and capabilities that are not routinely aboard the vessel, but are available with advance planning.

WORK BOAT - The Restechs have a 17’ AVON with a 50 HP outboard. The Restech Avon is available on request, contingent upon scheduling demand.

GASOLINE - If larger amounts of gasoline are needed, a special "portable" tank can be placed aboard but it must be requested in advance from the Restechs.

DISTILLED WATER - There is no means aboard Robert Gordon Sproul to produce deionized (DI) water to chemical standards. Carboys can be filled with DI water and loaded prior to sailing when the start port is San Diego. Please contact the Restechs about DI water needs.

BIOLOGICAL SAMPLING EQUIPMENT – The Scripps Restechs maintain several different kinds of sampling nets for use aboard SIO-operated research vessels. If you would like to use these nets aboard Robert Gordon Sproul, please contact the Restechs when you begin the planning process for your cruise.

GEOLOGICAL SAMPLING EQUIPMENT - Gravity coring equipment, multicores, a box corer, a glass corer, and rock dredges are maintained by the Restechs, for use aboard Scripps-operated research vessels. If you would like to use these systems aboard Robert Gordon Sproul, please contact the Restechs. Detailed plans should be submitted with the longest possible lead time to allow us to supply of critical items, such as pipe liner for core barrels, and dredging supplies.

VANS - A container or portable laboratory van can be mounted on the main deck. Plans to use any vans should be indicated on the Ship Time Request Form and details should be discussed with the resident technician well in advance of departure. Portable laboratory vans are available from the UNOLS Van Pool with advance notice. All vans must comply with existing UNOLS safety standards, described in the Portable Scientific Van Manual. A handy checklist is provided in Appendix C of the UNOLS Safety Standards.

RADIOACTIVE WORK - All handling of isotopes must be done within a designated portable isolation van, which are available from the UNOLS Van Pool with advance notice. If you plan on using radioisotopes, please check out the information regarding isotope use on Scripps ships at scripps.ucsd.edu/ships/planning/isotopes

MAGNETOMETER - Robert Gordon Sproul does not routinely carry a magnetometer, but it can be arranged. Contact the Restechs in advance.

XBT - A Turo Quoll XBT system is permanently installed. It is available for general use, however, XBTs are not carried aboard. The Restechs can provide XBTs at a cost or the science party can provide their own.

SCUBA DIVING - Scientific diving from Scripps’ vessels is overseen by the Scripps Dive Safety Officer. Divers must have a valid certification, and all scientific diving from Scripps-operated ships must have Scripps Scientific Diving authorization. If you plan to use scientific diving in your program, please read and submit the following in advance of your cruise:

There is no recompression chamber or diving gear on Robert Gordon Sproul. Arrangements can be made with the Restechs to have a portable scuba air compressor, tanks and weights put on board.