Contacting research vessels

Primary communications: email

Email is available on a near real-time basis 24 hours per day and is the primary and preferred method of contact for business and personal purposes. Information regarding shipboard email is online here.

How to place a satellite telephone call to a Scripps vessel

  • To place an satellite telephone call from shore, dial the international access code (011 in the US) followed by a three-digit satellite identifier (for example, 870), followed by the ship number.
  • For example, to call R/V Robert Gordon Sproul on the Fleet Broadband system from a U.S. location, dial 011-870-773-151-273.
  • For Inmarsat FleetBroadband operator assistance dial 800-826-8680.
  • Satellite calls do not always go through on the first try. This does not necessarily indicate system failure. Try again and be persistent.
  • Satcom telephones ring on the bridge of the vessel. Be aware that the mate on watch may be unable to answer the telephone if busy with high priority duties. Even if answered, it may require time to locate the desired person aboard ship. Common procedure is to take the name and number of the calling party ashore, end the call, and have the shipboard party call back as soon as possible.
R/V Roger Revelle Cell phone 858-242-6717  
  At sea: Sealink 929-605-5247 Costs apply - see below
  At sea: FleetXpress 646-939-4722 Costs apply - see below
  At sea: Fleet Broadband 011-870-773-910-299 Costs apply - see below
  At sea: Iridium CERTUS Pending Costs apply - see below
R/V Robert G. Sproul Cell phone 858-344-9817  
  At sea: FleetXpress Pending Costs apply - see below
  At sea: Fleet Broadband 011-870-773-151-273 Costs apply - see below
R/V Sally Ride Cell phone 858-253-1347  
  At sea: Sealink 929-955-0387 Costs apply - see below
  At sea: FleetXpress 646-939-4500 Costs apply - see below

Telephone calls to ships at sea use satellite links, and may cost $5 to $10 per minute, with a 3-minute minimum. Costs accrue to the shipboard party whether the call is incoming or outgoing. The bridge will log satellite calls and charge the shipboard party appropriately. Bills may be paid using cash, check or major credit card.

Mobile phones

Cellular telephones can sometimes connect when vessels are working near shore, enabling you to call embarked individuals directly. SIO ships carry cell phones for ship business and are not intended to receive personal calls from shore.