INTRODUCTION - The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint personnel with the characteristics and capabilities of R/V Roger Revelle. It provides a good review of what can and cannot be done on the ship, and lists sources of more detailed information. It directs your attention to a number of important safety matters. We hope that by reading it well in advance of your cruise you will spot problems in time to seek out satisfactory solutions, see how to prepare more smoothly and efficiently, and perhaps discover new or better ways to accomplish a certain task.

Download the full handbook here

REVISIONS - The handbook is subject to ongoing revisions. We want it to represent the best information available from the experience of personnel at sea, and so we comments or corrections, suggestions for better arrangement of material, additions, etc. Please send any such input directly to the Ship Scheduling Office.

A CAUTIONARY NOTE ON ACCURACY - While reasonable efforts are made to update the handbook as needed and to issue new versions in the wake of significant changes on the ship, it is impossible to assure complete accuracy at all times. In all cases, make your particular research equipment needs known on the Ship Time Request Form and contact relevant technical support groups to ensure that critical gear is ready for your work.