Scripps is committed to providing the best possible internet access to our mariners and scientists at sea. 

But there's a challenge. Shipboard demand for internet access has grown at a much faster pace than our ability to make new capacity available. This is a concern across the entire U.S. Academic Research Fleet.

To address this concern, a uniform approach to internet access has been established under the auspices of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS), by the Satellite Network Advisory Group (SatNAG).

The Fleet's approach is codified in the UNOLS Internet Use Policy, which aims to facilitate the most functional and fairest use of the internet for all persons on board, while also enabling successful delivery of services (scientific and operational) necessary for oceanographic missions.

Scripps-operated research vessels, and all who embark on board, must comply with the policy.

Exceptions to policy must be approved in writing by the Shipboard Technical Support Manager.  Seagoing technicians do not have authority to grant exceptions to policy.

The SatNAG web site contains other helpful information for seagoing personnel, including