Proposals to the UC Ship Funds Program will be evaluated by an advisory panel selected by the Scripps Marine Operations Committee. For proposals involving R/V Roger Revelle, the panel will include reviewers from UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz, as well as from Scripps. Requests for shiptime on other vessels will be reviewed by Scripps members. The panel advises the SIO Associate Director in evaluating proposals according to the following priority: 

1. Class Cruise / Instruction At Sea

Highest priority will be given to student training cruises that are conducted as part of formal courses. To qualify, courses must register the minimum number of students required by University rules (four), and demonstrate that at least four enrolled students will participate at sea. Proposals in this category should document participation using either actual enrollment data, enrollment experience with similar courses in previous years, or preliminary contacts with students interested in signing up for a proposed course (the panel is looking for good-faith assurance by practical means, not a rigid procedure). 

2. Research by Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

A high priority will be assigned to proposals for research by graduate students and postgraduate fellows. The panel expects that the faculty advisor will make a reasonable effort to support such research through outside grants, and proposals in this category must include a statement signed by the advisor describing why outside support is not available. 

3. Research by Early Career Faculty

A high priority will be given to proposals for projects by new staff, especially for programs that have the potential for generating support from external funding sources in subsequent years. To qualify in this category, proposals should be submitted by staff members within their first 2 years of their appointment. 

4. Research by Any Faculty or Staff

Proposals for any worthy project by faculty or staff will be considered, although at a lower priority than the previous categories. Appropriate projects might include adding a few days to a transit leg, testing a new idea before submitting a proposal, or using UC Ship Funds as matching funds for a proposal.

The intent of UC Ship Funds is to pay for sea time aboard Scripps research vessels. Ancillary cruise-related expenses, such as salaries, travel, non-standard instrumentation, freight, etc. should be paid by other funding sources. However, the panel will consider requests to support these activities, contingent on available funds.